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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SSI’s growth as an effluent treatment plant (ETP) manufacturer in Bangladesh has been phenomenal.  SSI is among the top effluent treatment plant (ETP) suppliers in Bangladesh. The company provides […]

Pros & Cons Of High Capacity Fine Bubble Diffusers

We classify wastewater aeration diffusers into two types – Fine Bubble and Coarse Bubble. Within Fine Bubble, there are needle-perforated panels, standard disc and tubes with ~1mm perforations, and […]

Blowers for Aeration Systems

  SSI sells a variety of blower types that are applicable to aeration systems. Blower manufacturers provide us with Global OEM pricing which allows us to provide our customers with […]

Channel Velocity and Flow Boosters in Diffused Aeration Tanks

There are different kinds of mixers in aeration basins, and some create problems for the floor mounted piping system, and others do not. Horizontal Flow Boosters or Flow Makers […]

Aeration Pipe Support Stands & Anchors

Aeration systems require a wide variety of supports and anchors.  SSI manufactures support stands for submerged and yard piping, and offers drop-in and chemical epoxy anchors. We recommend stainless […]

Aeration Pipe Joints and Endcaps

SSI Aeration Systems use standard components.   We manufacuture our own unions, removable end-caps and and pipe joints in our factory. We also produce stainless steel bolted couplings according […]

Disc Diffusers in Denmark!

SSI Disc Diffusers CT

Another successful SSI disc diffuser installation has been started up in Denmark!   Up and running in Denmark is a new installation featuring two hundred pieces of our 12″ […]

Diffuser Calculations and Drafting

SSI has introduced biological calculations on our web site at http://www.stamfordscientific.com/ssi/ These may be used to calculate diffuser quantities and airflow requirements in Metric or Imperial from BOD, COD, […]

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