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Blowers for Aeration Systems

  SSI sells a variety of blower types that are applicable to aeration systems. Blower manufacturers provide us with Global OEM pricing which allows us to provide our customers with […]

Diffused Aeration System Maintenance

Aeration systems but specifically those with fine bubble diffusers may require routine but usually infrequent maintenance.   You should be monitoring the following: Air Volume (You can look at amp […]

Aquaculture Aeration Systems

SSI has provided disc and tube aeration systems to shrimp farms, carp farms, ocean based salmon cages, in fresh and salt water applications, and we have completed successful testing […]

Channel Velocity and Flow Boosters in Diffused Aeration Tanks

There are different kinds of mixers in aeration basins, and some create problems for the floor mounted piping system, and others do not. Horizontal Flow Boosters or Flow Makers […]

Aeration Bubble Pattern Image Analyzer

  Quite a lot, actually….            If you are having problems with your aeration basin, you want tips on how to deal with an abnormal […]

Startup, Commissioning and Training for Wastewater Aeration

Field service engineers are often critical to the success of a custom engineered aeration system.   We have succeeded through the past decade to make installation easier.  Today you receive […]

Design a Diffused Aeration System for Wastewater Treatment

Aeration system design service is available from SSI.  Simply fill out a request for proposal and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you like to do things yourself, […]

When should I use Coarse Bubble Diffusers?

Coarse bubble diffusers provide the following benefits: a) High air capacity b) Strong mixing and pumping c) Usually a higher alpha factor than fine bubble diffusers d) Very low maintenance […]

Medium Bubble Diffusers

This  new term started to appear a few years ago which is meant to describe a diffuser that produces a bubble size larger than 1-3mm in diameter but smaller […]

Fine and Coarse Bubble Diffuser Mounts

We offer a wide variety of diffuser mounts.   Below please find some examples of the methods that we use to connect disc diffusers, tube diffusers, and coarse bubble […]

PMI (Positive Material Identification) of Aeration Piping and Hardware

Globalization has many benefits but it does make quality control more difficult.   SSI requires periodic and unscheduled PMI (Positive Material Identification) on stainless steel components sourced from parts […]

Retrievable Aeration Systems

Many of our clients are interested in retrievable aeration systems, either because of the convenience, or because they cannot operate their wastewater treatment plant with a tank temporarily out […]

Diffuser Installation

SSI offers contracting services for the installation and maintenance of aeration systems throughout the US. SSI certified contractors working under contract to us allow us to provide complete customer satisfaction […]

Aeration Piping

SSI manufacutures aeration piping in PVC, CPVC, PP, and Stainless Steel.   On special request, we have made ABS and HDPE systems, as well.  Our standard systems throughout most […]

Aeration Pipe Support Stands & Anchors

Aeration systems require a wide variety of supports and anchors.  SSI manufactures support stands for submerged and yard piping, and offers drop-in and chemical epoxy anchors. We recommend stainless […]

Aeration Pipe Joints and Endcaps

SSI Aeration Systems use standard components.   We manufacuture our own unions, removable end-caps and and pipe joints in our factory. We also produce stainless steel bolted couplings according […]

Moisture Purge Systems

SSI offers two types of moisture purge systems: The most common type of purge is an airlift.   We make these out of small diameter pipe, starting with a […]

SSI Exhibits at the Green Expo with Manufacturera Century!


SSI Aeration and Manufacturera Century exhibited together at The Green Expo that took place on October 26th-28th at the WTC in Mexico City. The exhibition that focuses on Environmental […]

SSI Starts up a New Fine Bubble Diffuser System in UAE!

ajman fine bubble 2

SSI’s Noman was recently in UAE to start up a new fine bubble aeration system for a client. The system was beautifully installed and we can’t wait to have […]

SSI is back from WEFTEC 2016!

  SSI Aeration’s team has returned to the office after another successful WEFTEC show. This year’s show was held in New Orleans and our staff had a wonderful time […]

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