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System designed for confidential Knit-Dye client with 220m3/hr capacity PROJECT SCOPE SSI designed and supplied a two-story biological ETP utilizing Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology. The system was designed […]

MBBR Secrets from the Design and Manufacturing Side

4 to 20 g BOD/m2-day. Once upon a time, someone published these values in a technical document as a guideline for MBBR design as a guide for achieving > […]

Winery Wastewater Treatment Options and Growth in the Industry

Winery Wastewater Treatment System, PTFE membrane, fine bubble disc diffuser, Aeration, design services     How big is winery wastewater, really? The global wine market is expanding as the […]

MBBR ETP in India

MBBR ETP EXPERTISE IN INDIA   On a recent sales call for an MBBR ETP in India with a company has been selling MBBR ETP media but not MBBR […]

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SSI’s growth as an effluent treatment plant (ETP) manufacturer in Bangladesh has been phenomenal.  SSI is among the top effluent treatment plant (ETP) suppliers in Bangladesh. The company provides […]

Channel Velocity and Flow Boosters in Diffused Aeration Tanks

There are different kinds of mixers in aeration basins, and some create problems for the floor mounted piping system, and others do not. Horizontal Flow Boosters or Flow Makers […]

Disc Diffusers in Denmark!

SSI Disc Diffusers CT

Another successful SSI disc diffuser installation has been started up in Denmark!   Up and running in Denmark is a new installation featuring two hundred pieces of our 12″ […]

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