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System designed for confidential Knit-Dye client with 220m3/hr capacity PROJECT SCOPE SSI designed and supplied a two-story biological ETP utilizing Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology. The system was designed […]

MBBR Secrets from the Design and Manufacturing Side

4 to 20 g BOD/m2-day. Once upon a time, someone published these values in a technical document as a guideline for MBBR design as a guide for achieving > […]

SSI MBBR Design Considerations and Technical Case Studies Webinar

mbbr technical design considerations

Thank you for joining us for our second MBBR Focused webinar. Our team enjoyed taking you on a deeper dive into design calculations and considerations you should take into […]

PTFE Membranes – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

What is the point of putting a PTFE coating over an EPDM membrane?  Is it to look pretty?During our extensive research into the use of PTFE with diffuser media 10 years […]

Carbonated Beverage Treatment Solutions

Carbonated beverage wastewater, retrievable systems, fine bubble disc diffuser, aeration system     Water is the main ingredient in carbonated beverage production.  In addition, water is used for washing […]

Winery Wastewater Treatment Options and Growth in the Industry

Winery Wastewater Treatment System, PTFE membrane, fine bubble disc diffuser, Aeration, design services     How big is winery wastewater, really? The global wine market is expanding as the […]

Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment

Oil Refinery, Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Diffuser, Reliaball, PTFE membrane, Water Reclamation Crude oil refineries generate a lot of wastewater.  The average refinery uses 2.5 gallons of […]

Meat Processing Plants

Meat Processing, PTFE membranes,Innovation, Disc diffusers, tube diffusers Meat processing is not an easy task.  Production and processing produces a tremendous amount of water.  Water used not only to […]

Pulp and Paper Wastewater

Pulp and Paper Wastewater, PTFE membranes, Lab Services, Design Services    The pulp and paper industry generate large volumes of wastewater. Through the aeration process, pulp and paper industry […]

SSI Fine Bubble Diffusers for Landfill Leachate Wastewater

Aeration, Fine Bubble, PTFE coating, Sewage Treatment, ETP, Effluent PTFE – protects EPDM membrane in industrial applications from premature failure due to chemical attack As a result of these […]

SSI Diffusers for the Meat Processing Industry

Meat processing plants are in constant operation. When the plants are not in operations, this means they are losing money. Meat processing plants produce a high amount of wastewater. […]

SSI Diffusers for Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Pharmaceutical Wastewater, PTFE Coated Membrane, 12″ Disc Diffuser, Retrievable Systems   SSI’s Disc Diffusers with PTFE coated membranes are the top choice for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants. SSI has […]

New York City DEP Approves SSI as an Aeration Vendor

In 2015, NYC approved SSI for a pilot test at the Bowery Bay WWTP.  We installed 1700 PTFE coated diffuser membranes at the plant. In 2017, the plant removed […]

SSI grows rapidly as an ETP supplier to the Textile Industry

Textile Plants Worldwide Choose SSI as their ETP Supplier   During 2019, SSI has booked new orders for effluent treatment plants (ETP) in South Asia, Africa, North America and […]

Dramatic Sales Growth of the SSI Textile ETP in Pakistan

You should contact SSI to build your factory a Textile ETP in Pakistan.   Garment factories are doing their best to improve sustainability to protect the environment. Because of this, […]

SSI Mentioned in Ft. Worth Village Creek WWTP Article

In 2010, Johnson Controls awarded SSI a large municipal aeration project for the City of Ft. Worth, Texas at the Village Creek WWTP (166 MGD/625,000 m3/day).  The SSI system […]

SSI ECD215 Diffuser SOTE Tests Completed

In August, 2018, SSI received the SOTE test report from ATC, SA of Barcelona, Spain.  A series of 23 tests were conducted on the diffusers, at two densities, with […]

First SOTE Test Results for SSI’s ECD215 – 7″ Disc Diffuser

These data are for the ECD215 fine bubble disc diffuser showing a range of SOTE between 7.94%/m and 9.32%/m at airflows from 2.5 Sm3/hr/pc to 0.33 Sm3/hr/pc, at 5m […]

Fine Bubble Diffusers in the Middle East

wastewater aeration

SSI succeeds in the Middle East with fine bubble diffusers SSI has completed the installation and commissioning of the fine bubble diffusers for Al Madina Al Shamaliya, Bahrain.  SSI […]

Paper Wastewater

Paper Mill Diffused Aeration A number of Canadian, European and South American mills have tried EPDM, Silicone and Polyurethane membranes in their pulp and paper applications.  Many of them […]

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