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Gathering the knowledge of our team, SSI has created an array of client-friendly smart tools to bring design expertise closer to our clients. By utilizing these tools we are able to offer more competitive pricing to compete in the commodity marketplace as well as work to specify our premium products such as PTFE, PODs, Tubes with channel pipe, and retrievable grids.

Please note that some of the tools are locked. To gain access and for instructions of use, please contact SSI directly by clicking here. *


CurveGen™ / SOTE Test Reports

SSI’s Curvegen is a desktop platform that can provide users SOTE, diffuser DWP, and orifice headloss for each of SSI’s diffusers at different depths and densities across the range of airflows for the product. SOTE values are accurate to within +/- a few % of mean values.


To access the CurveGen application please click here

CurveGen usage instructions – Please watch this short video.


To view or download SSI’s fine bubble and coarse bubble diffuser SOTE test reports, please click here.


SSI Instant Estimating Software

SSI Aeration offers our clients advanced and exclusive software allowing you to create a budget quote and drawings instantly. Customized drawings and pricing can be presented to your clients as soon as they provide the data, eliminating any wait time and keeping the sales process moving.

Registered users
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Registered users
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If you are a new user, please follow this link to sign up.

WaterChat Bot // Library Catalog

SSI has developed the industry’s first wastewater chat bot focused on aeration systems and MBBR’s. Artificial Intelligence is not perfect; but if you are stuck and need help navigating our site, or you have a simple question about our diffusers, how they are packed, where they are made, who we are as a company, etc… it should be a good resource.

Click to try the SSI WaterChat Bot

Creating AutoCAD drawings and want to include SSI products? We have created a downloadable extension to add to your autocad installation to easily include any of our products.

Click here to access download for SSI’s Library Catalogue

To install the catalogue:

  1. Unzip the Library file and place in desired location on your computer
  2. Run AutoCAD on your computer
  3. Run APPLOAD (AP) using the run/command prompt on your PC. Click start up suite and add SSLIB.lsp and SSIlibrary.dvb from the unzipped folder.
  4. Close AutoCAD to finalize changes
  5. Reopen AutoCAD to use the SSI Library by using command “SSILIB”

If you have any issues installing or using the catalog please contact SSI directly at [email protected]


Please watch this short video to learn how to use the AutoCad Library Catalog tool.

SOR & Airflow Calculator

This calculator will take you from BOD, Ammonia, and flow to airflow and pressure estimates. Simply select your diffuser model and desired diffuser density and some information about your tank and process. This software also provides guidance on design of all sorts of other applicatins, including EQ tanks, aerobic digesters, post-aeration basins and channels, and the validation module built into the system with typical default values and ranges provided to guide you along. This application usually makes a good starting point for a new design.

To use SSI’s online SOR & Airflow Calculator click here

*First and last name must be included on output to receive calculations*


SOR & Airflow Calculator usage instructions – Please watch this short video.

Osmart™ / SpecGen™


Osmart is a modern aeration control system with the following features:

  • Control nitrification/denitrification in a single tank using ammonia and oxygen with static and dynamic oxygen set points;
  • Control nitrification/denitrification in a single tank via oxygen with static oxygen set point;
  • Manage the denitrification phase via pulsed aeration instead of a mixer
  • Option to add many software packages to control mixed liquor pumps, sludge pumps, COD and chemicals dosaging;
  • Advanced process KPI available through Oscar Dashboard IoT platform.


The system is available to run on a PLC, or an industrial PC, supplied by SSI with our partners, ETC Engineering of Trento, Italy.

To See if Your Plant is a Candidate for Energy Savings Right Now, try our online checker and quote generator.  Click Here.



This tool will develop a client specification to bid an aeration system. New in 2017 – Fast and Easy! SpecGen now includes all SSI diffuser performance data which can auto-populate tables for multiple tanks and zones with SOTE, Airflow, and Pressure values for each zone.  It takes inputs such as type of diffuser, piping grid and material, support and anchor choices, membrane material, sensor/telemetry options, desired competition, site days, QC , testing and warranty requirements, and will output a spec in .DOCX or Google Doc format.   The purpose of this is to make it easy for clients who would like to specify aeration to do so in the easiest way possible, without reaching into the filing cabinet for the last spec from the last job. Using this tool you can improve the quality of your specifications using the latest information and data, while also saving you time.

To Access SSI SpecGen Click Here

SpecGen usage instructions – Please watch this short video.

MBBR Estimator – Version 2.0 Launched!

Design a MBBR System with SSI. This software will help you input the parameters needed to design an MBBR system and will generate a budgetary technical proposal.  (It is not the full version of the software.)

Note –  this application is password protected. The minimum relationship requirement is to be an SSI customer for aeration + MBBR media.   

To Use the SSI MBBR Software Click Here

Image Classifier (*Updated March 6, 2017)

Are you wondering if your aeration system is working properly? Do you need help identifying surface patterns in your basin? SSI’s Image Classifier application can make predictions about the health and status of your aeration system simply by uploading a photo to our desktop application.


To Access SSI’s Image Classifier Click Here

Calculate Scaling Potential // F/M Ratio Calculator

SSI has developed a tool to help you calculate scaling potential using the Langlier Saturation Inde x (LSI).

Click here to launch the tool


The Food to Microorganism (F/M) Ratio, sometimes referred to as the Sludge Loading Rate (SLR) is used by wastewater treatment plant designers to confirm the microorganism population in their plants. It can also be used to check if a tank is properly sized for the application. SSI has developed an F/M design tool.

Click here to access the SSI F/M Ratio Calculator

Alpha Calculator // Orifice Airflow Analyzer

Do you need to estimate an α factor? With our tool you can calculate Alpha Factor for your plant based on process type or MLSS.

Click here to Access our Alpha Calculator

Are you using an SSI Telemetry System or Pressure Monitoring System? If you are reading orifice and diffuser pressure values, and would like to know the corresponding airflow rate to that diffuser, then you have come to the right place.

Click here to Access our Orifice Airflow Analyzer

Mixing Evaluator // Tapered Aeration Configurator

With this application, you can enter tank dimensions, airflow rate, and any mechanical mixer power values, and generate a report evaluating your design. The report will provide you with guidance and design recommendations based on area and volume based mixing calculations, as well as (g) velocity gradient.

To access the Mixing Evaluator application please click here
Mixing Evaluator usage instructions – Please watch this short video.


Configure your plug-flow reactor for tapered aeration with this application. Is your plant a candidate for tapered aeration? What are my transfer efficiencies, mixing rates and power consumption in each zone? What should I do in my Swing Zone? You can answer all of these questions and print out a design report.

To access SSI’s Tapered Aeration Configuration Engine Click Here
Tapered Aeration Configurator usage instructions – Please watch this short video.

Tapered Aeration Configurator

Configure your plug-flow reactor for tapered aeration with this application. Is your plant a candidate for tapered aeration? What are my transfer efficiencies, mixing rates and power consumption in each zone? What should I do in my Swing Zone? You can answer all of these questions and print out a design report.

To access SSI’s Tapered Aeration Configuration Engine Click Here