Quality is rigorously monitored at SSI Aeration. So closely that you could call it our obsession. That means that every item we manufacture is designed to be the best in its category.  When maintaining the integrity of wastewater treatment facilities around the world, having a system you can depend on is critically important. Whether it is our products, systems, or accessories, genuine SSI Aeration is the industry standard for quality control.

Acid Dosing System

In-situ Acid Dosing Systems are available to control calcareous deposits in the perforations which will reduce membrane back pressure. Acid Dosing Systems reduce the need for operators to physically scrub the membranes during cleaning which saves time and labor.


Acid Dosing Cart

Acid Dosing Cart for Diffuser Cleaning

Moisture Purge System

An airlift type purge system is used in all SSI Aeration fine bubble aeration systems to remove condensate from the piping system. Purging entrained water helps ensure even air distribution to all diffusers in a grid. A ball valve is supplied with the system and is opened manually. Continuous purge systems are available or retrievable-type aeration systems, or where it is not possible to fasten a purge line to a tank wall.

Follow this link to see some images of different types of condensate purge systems:

SSI Aeration Tube Accessories

SSI Tube Accessories ensure reliable performance

Complementing our industry leading tube diffuser products are the SSI tube accessories including the crucial Snappy Saddle™ Mount, SS Nipples and Double Nipples, Check Valves, and more.

Scroll down to the bottom of this link to see photos of these tube diffuser mounting methods:

SSI Snappy Saddle™ Mount

SSI Aeration patented exclusive

  • The Snappy Saddle™ features a single seal that reduces risk of leakage by 50% and simplifies installation
  • Only requires one person to install
  • Available up to 7’-3” (2.2m) long in a single piece
  • Click here to view the Snappy Saddle 3-D animation


You can see this product by scrolling down to the bottom of this page:


SSI Tube Diffusers

SSI Aeration Tube Diffusers with different membrane options to increase whole life efficiency

  • SSI Aeration Tube Diffusers are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and membranes. If you need a custom size, SSI will be glad to provide it to your specifications
  • SSI Tube Diffusers are available in PTFE, fEPDM™ and a variety of other membrane materials all designed to resist clogging and fouling
  • Affordable and easy to install with Snappy Saddle™ or standard nipple mount


Download the data sheets or you can see some of the connection methods at the bottom of this link:

SSI Aeration Check Valves

  • SSI Aeration diffusers include an integral check valve eliminating the need for additional parts
  • Designed to provide peace of mind to designer or operator
  • Check valves are available for installation on multiple products including our Snappy Saddle™.

SSI Aeration Disc and Membrane Accessories

SSI Aeration’s disc diffusers and membranes are designed for efficiency and convenience. We make it easy to connect diffusers to pipe using SSI’s exclusive PODs™ connectors, economical universal Grommet connector, or with the proprietary SSI® Quick Connect Saddle. Each method is designed to resist a 200 pound pullout load while operating under 15 PSIG air pressure without leakage.

Contact SSI Aeration Head Office for further details

SSI Exclusive PODs™ Diffusers

  • PODs™ are factory assembled diffusers mounted on laterals save contractors up to 30% on assembly time
  • For engineers unsure about the skill set of a contractor’s field labor, SSI PODs™ need fewer field connections,thereby reducing the risk of installation error
  • PODs™ connections are created in controlled factory settings by trained personnel and semi-automatic machines so the installation is worry free
    • PODS™ are an excellent solution when:
    • There’s a tank that needs to be installed quickly
    • When labor costs are high
    • Where there is a field labor shortage


Download the data sheets or visit this page to see some pictures at the top of the page:

SSI Aeration Quick Connect™ Saddle

  • The SSI Aeration Quick Connect™ Saddle is designed to mount onto 4” Sch 40 PVC pipe or Sch 10 stainless pipe with a 114.3mm outside diameter
  • Special adapters available for mounting on 110, 108mm OD pipe, 3″/90mm diameter pipe
  • Accepts both SSI 9″ and 12″ discs on the same mount
  • Reduces labor costs – install on disc aeration systems with split second connection to pipe with just a quarter turn
  • Features integral seal to ensure a leak-free connection
  • Permits removal of the membrane without removing the diffuser from the pipe
  • Use this method with confidence for large disc diffusers in oxidation ditches where there is channel velocity

SSI Aeration Grommet Connections

  • Simple to install on site, compact to ship and move
  • Affordably priced and time tested over 15 years worldwide
  • Grommets are inserted into a 1-1/4”(32mm) straight hole drilled into PVC or Stainless pipe from
  • 2.5” to 6” diameter (60mm to 150mm), Sch 40 or thinner wall
  • Grommets be solvent welded to PVC pipe
  • Specify if you require the Sch 40 Grommet (also for PN16) or the SDR26 Grommet (also for PN10)