ECT Diffusers

  • We created this diffuser to offer you the highest quality product at the most affordable price.  The production method slashes the labor cost of manufacturing by 75% without sacrificing quality.


  • How do we do that?  We use the same high quality membrane that we produce for our other products, but instead of snapping, gluing and clamping lots of plastic and rubber parts together, we instead take the membrane and mold the plastic housing all around it.    Then we mount the diffuser cartridge on a saddle, providing modularity around the affordable diffuser cartridge for easy replacement, instead of around the membrane.


  • SSI’s ECT70 tube diffusers are designed to offer high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and a simple installation. 


  • Our new ECD70 diffusers are available with a variety of membrane materials including our patented PTFE membranes, EPDM and Silicone, and they are designed to use less energy and require minimal maintenance.


  • Strong Polypropelyene body makes handling during installation easy, provides a high temperature resistance, and is environmentally friendly. ECT diffusers feature a channel style support body which extends membrane life in on/off applications.


  • Have a look at some SSI ECT70 tube diffusers in action below:


ECT Tube Diffuser

ECT Tube Diffuser under Test



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