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Fine Bubble Diffusers

Fine bubble diffusers produce oxygen bubbles to nourish microorganisms during the wastewater treatment aeration process. Aeration, the biological process that occurs during the secondary phase of wastewater treatment, relies on quality bubble diffusers to supply oxygen to the beneficial bacteria that break down organic matter.

Proper diffuser selection is essential to ensure efficient operation and longevity. SSI Aeration, Inc. offers several different materials of bubble diffusers to fit various wastewater treatment systems. Fine bubble diffusers use less power and can produce more oxygen bubbles than coarse bubble diffusers. SSI’s fine bubble diffusers are durable and energy-efficient to support water treatment systems of all sizes. Read on to learn more about fine bubble diffuser efficiencies and how SSI’s products can help meet wastewater treatment needs.

Why Are Fine Bubble Diffusers Important

The primary wastewater treatment phase uses physical processes to remove solid waste from wastewater. The secondary wastewater treatment phase is a biological process that uses beneficial microorganisms to break down more solid wastewater impurities. Aeration is a crucial part of the secondary water treatment phase, feeding microorganisms the oxygen that allows them to metabolize organic matter in the water.

During the secondary wastewater treatment phase, aeration tanks push oxygen into diffusers with small openings on their surface. These openings create small bubbles as they come into contact with the water in the aeration tank. The bubbles that a diffuser produces feed oxygen to microorganisms in the tank. Feeding the bacteria in the tank helps them produce enzymes to break down organic matter faster.

Adding oxygen to the tank also mixes the wastewater and keeps solids suspended, preventing excess sludge buildup. After the waste breaks down, it settles into the secondary clarifiers or a settling tank. As the biosolids combine, they create a sludge that the wastewater treatment plant can then pump back into the aeration tank to introduce new microorganisms that can break down more waste.

Since the aeration process can account for anywhere from 30% to 70% of a plant’s total energy consumption, it’s crucial to have the right equipment for wastewater treatment. Having the right aeration equipment can reduce energy consumption and lower costs. Fine bubble aeration diffusers deliver more oxygen to microorganisms while using less power, making them an energy-efficient option.

How Do Fine Bubble Diffusers Work?

Fine bubble diffuser systems save energy by producing efficient aeration and oxygen transfer. A wastewater treatment system’s Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) is the amount of oxygen the blowers diffuse into wastewater per horsepower hour. Fine bubble diffusers can produce over twice as much oxygen mass with half as much air as coarse diffusers.

Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) indicates how the diffused oxygen mixes with wastewater to carry out the aeration process. Fine bubble membrane diffusers release smaller-diameter bubbles during the aeration process than coarse bubble diffusers. Fine bubble diffusers typically diffuse bubbles with a diameter of 1 to 3 millimeters. These bubbles provide 2% or more SOTE during the aeration process, twice the amount of oxygen that coarse bubble diffusers can produce.

Fine pore diffusers produce an abundance of small bubbles, primarily due to speed and surface area. Small bubbles rise more slowly than larger bubbles, allowing the air and water to combine for a longer period and dispersing more oxygen throughout the water. Additionally, an abundance of small bubbles can cover a larger surface area than a few large bubbles.

7 inch fine bubble disc diffusers

Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

Fine bubble disc diffusers are made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. The rubber membrane is mounted on a round plate. When the aeration tank pushes compressed air through the membrane, the rubber expands to release bubbles into the wastewater. SSI Aeration offers fine bubble disc diffusers coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that effectively combats fouling and bacterial coating. 

Fine bubble disc diffusers can have a slightly more complex installation process than other diffuser types, but they function very effectively. Some of the main benefits of SSI Aeration's fine bubble disc diffusers are:

  • Tight wall thickness tolerances.
  • Even air distribution.
  • Minimal shrinkage.
  • Lower lifetime costs from enhanced efficiency, less plasticizer extraction and limited dynamic changes.
  • Better piping system integrity thanks to a thicker wall pipe and double anchors.
  • Over 15 years of demonstrated results with thoroughly tested grommet connections.
  • Easy installation from quick-connect saddles.
  • Continued customer support after the sale.

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aeration efficiency

Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers 

A fine bubble plate diffuser differs from fine bubble disc diffusers in the plate arrangements. In a fine bubble plate diffuser, the plates are arranged with more distance between diffusers, creating a spiral flow between diffusers. The water rushes down from the top to reach density equilibrium with the bubble columns created by the diffusers. This process pushes the wastewater around in spiral currents, creating areas of different intensity throughout the tank. 

While fine bubble plate diffusers can be less efficient than fine bubble disc diffusers, they may still be an excellent choice for a facility. Contact the professionals at SSI Aeration, Inc. to learn if fine bubble plate diffusers are right for you. 

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fine bubble tube diffusers

Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers 

Fine bubble tube diffusers are long, narrow ceramic or plastic cylinders. An EPDM rubber membrane surrounds the cylinders and releases bubbles into the water when a compressed air flow expands the membrane's holes. Since this diffuser type has a larger surface area than other diffusers, it creates more bubbles. Tube diffusers cost less to install than other diffusers, though they may incur more maintenance costs over time. 

SSI Aeration's fine bubble tube diffusers are built for ultimate efficiency. SSI's tube diffuser is a channel pipe containing small air pathways that make up a uniform bubble pattern spanning the entire length of the diffuser. Channel pipes are resistant to folds and tears along perforation lines, so they are much more durable than other tube diffusers. 

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Fine Bubble Diffuser Membranes

Fine bubble diffuser membranes come in various materials to meet wastewater treatment system needs. SSI Aeration offers the following diffuser membrane types.

PTFE-Coated Membranes

PTFE surfaces protect diffuser membranes from substances that can damage conventional membrane elastomers and shorten their lifespans. SSI’s PTFE membranes are made of synthetic rubbers that are highly resistant to solvents, chemicals, grease and fats.

PTFE membranes are resistant to fouling and require less frequent cleaning than other membranes. PTFE surfaces serve as barriers that prevent shrinking, hardening, plasticizer extraction and swelling. The benefits of PTFE significantly reduce long-term power costs and increase the diffuser’s ability to distribute air evenly across the system’s floor.

EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber’s low plasticizer content extends its life span — EPDM membranes last longer before breaking, hardening or shrinking. Their elongation at break and tensile strength are much higher than industry standards, making them significantly resistant to tearing. It can stretch up to 700% of its resting span, which prevents it from deforming over time.

SSI creates its EPDM membranes by using high-quality injection molding machines. These membranes produce outstanding results, including:

  • Superior longevity and oxygen transfer efficiency.
  • Reliable performance with minimal shrinkage.
  • Head loss mitigation to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Anti-static properties for the production of very fine bubbles and increased fouling resistance.
  • Cost-effective membranes that help lower costs.

FEPDM™ Membranes

SSI Aeration’s EPDM™ membranes are highly resistant to chemicals. A FEPDM™ membrane’s high chemical resistance protects it from intensive solvents present in some wastewater. FEPDM™ protects a membrane’s entire outer surface area and inner slits, comprehensively boosting the membrane’s resilience when faced with intensive solvents.

Viton® Material Membranes

Viton® is one of the most resistant membrane materials — like SSI’s FEPDM™ membranes, it has a high resistance to most chemicals and foulants. A Viton® material membrane is an excellent choice for wastewater plants with a high budget.

Silicone Membranes

Silicone-coated membranes are ideal for wastewater treatment systems with ozone issues, high temperatures or a preference for inorganic membrane materials. Silicone membranes can withstand temperatures up to 315 degrees Celsius.

Polyurethane Membranes

SSI Aeration, Inc.’s high-strength polyurethane membranes’ robust characteristics make them useful for various industrial applications where durability and longevity are necessary.

What Makes SSI Aeration's Fine Bubble Diffusers a Worldwide Choice?

What Makes SSI Aeration’s Fine Bubble Diffusers a Worldwide Choice?

Industries worldwide prefer SSI Aeration Inc.’s fine bubble diffusers because of their:

  • Durability: SSI’s filter membranes avoid leaks at startup thanks to their patented single-molding technology. Fewer leaks provide a prolonged membrane life to ensure the facility’s system works according to its demands and schedule.
  • Efficiency: SSI’s fine bubble diffusers feature a uniform bubble pattern from side to side and end to end. This pattern creates an environment with high oxygen-transfer efficiency that more evenly breaks down waste.
  • Sizing: Finding the right product size is crucial for a wastewater facility’s needs. SSI’s fine bubble diffusers are small enough to avoid breakage from extreme cantilever and large enough to save money on installation and piping.
  • Affordability: The durability, efficiency and accurate sizing of SSI Aeration, Inc.’s fine bubble diffusers combine to create an affordable solution. They allow facilities to spend less on repairs and replacements, avoid the need for extra piping pieces and reduce operating costs over time from increased efficiency.
  • Quality: SSI’s high-quality fine bubble diffusers provide peace of mind. They reliably provide the desired results, even when working as part of an existing system.
  • SSI Aeration, Inc.’s services: Buying SSI Aeration, Inc.’s fine bubble diffusers gives clients more than a durable, efficient and affordable product. They also receive specialty services that increase the value of their fine bubble diffusers, like pre-sale system design services that ensure the most satisfactory results. They also receive support and service after the sale, providing long-lasting peace of mind and quality assurance.
wastewater treatment plant piping

Piping System Integrity

SSI’s wastewater treatment equipment provides increased piping system integrity. With thicker wall pipes and double anchors, piping systems last longer and reduce repair costs. SSI’s piping is 38% thicker than typical piping and includes double-rod support stands. SSI also attaches two anchors where support is most necessary to increase pipes’ longevity.

wastewater treatment design

Comprehensive Design Services and After-Sales Support

SSI provides comprehensive design services with 3D animation capabilities and advanced data calculations to find the perfect solution for a facility. SSI’s expert drafting department helps clients optimize their operations to increase efficiency and profits. Full-service customization ensures aeration equipment that is durable and low-maintenance. Design experts can help in areas like:

  • Calculations.
  • Consultations.
  • Hydraulic studies.
  • Process simulations.
  • Specifications.
  • Drafting.
  • Biological Process Simulation.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling.

SSI Aeration, Inc. also provides after-sales support to help ensure clients’ continued success. Comprehensive after-sales support offers more peace of mind.

upgrade options

Intelligent Upgrade Options for a Superior Diffuser

Efficiency is essential for wastewater treatment systems, and SSI Aeration, Inc. offers innovative upgrades to help further increase system performance. Include these items in your purchase and we can help you choose the right ones to meet your needs. Browse the full list of accessories to get started.

tube diffuser installation

Installation Services

SSI Aeration, Inc.’s field installation services ensure the best results. The installation team has the certifications, liability coverage, equipment and in-house training necessary for successful installations.

Available installation services include:

  • Ceramic to membrane retrofitting.
  • Part replacement.
  • Membrane retrofitting and replacement.
  • Brand new system installation.

In addition to the services above, we can also help train staff to perform maintenance on the new systems or parts.

Buy Fine Bubble Diffusers From SSI Aeration, Inc.

Buy Fine Bubble Diffusers From SSI Aeration, Inc.

Choose SSI Aertation, Inc. for your wastewater facility’s diffuser needs. Our fine bubble diffusers are among the leading options on the market at some of the best prices you can find. The results will pay for themselves as you experience increased efficiency. Contact us today to take the next step toward buying SSI Aeration’s fine bubble diffusers!

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