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Staff Training

SSI Aeration offers staff training to our representatives as well as plant operators. We can help your team develop the knowledge to fully understand how and when to clean your system and what cleaning methods are best suited for your site.


Owner Training, Al Ansab, Oman WWTP

Operator Training, Al Ansab, Oman WWTP

SSI’s Process: How the Wastewater Training Program Works

SSI Aeration has a team of trained technicians who are prepared to travel to job sites around the world to provide facility staff with training to keep systems functioning efficiently for as long as possible.

After system or equipment start-up, SSI’s technicians can provide wastewater treatment system training to staff on-site for proper installation and maintenance of the system. This gives facility staff and plant operators the knowledge and skills to run a plant at peak efficiency long into the future.

SSI’s wastewater treatment plant operator training helps operators fully understand the system they are working with. This training for wastewater systems will allow facility staff to spot early signs of system failure, perform basic troubleshooting and know everything they need to keep the system optimized and running at maximum capacity.

SSI technicians can also provide training that will equip staff with all the knowledge they need to keep systems running efficiently for as long as possible. This includes training operators and maintenance staff in knowing when and how systems need to be cleaned, as well as the best cleaning methods for a particular site.

Training services can be provided as a package with the installation of a new system, or as a refresher course to bring facility staff back up to speed on a current installation. SSI also provides the right equipment to make plant maintenance as easy as possible. Technology such as quick install diffusers can reduce the time needed for installation and equipment replacement, speeding up repairs and upgrades. In addition, SSI offers membranes that provide high aeration performance and have been demonstrated to significantly outperform the competition often.

The SSI team can also provide and train facility staff in using easy maintenance software that further smooths out system maintenance. This software can bring some of SSI’s expertise to each facility, even after technicians leave, and help keep systems running efficiently for longer.

Top-Notch Treatment Plant Training With SSI Aeration

No matter what kind of wastewater treatment system a plant is using, the right training for plant operators is crucial in ensuring longevity and efficient operations. With the right training from skilled wastewater treatment technicians, facility staff will know how to maximize a system’s productivity and capacity. These staff will also gain the expertise to maintain these systems so that they run for as long as possible.

For companies requiring training for a wastewater treatment plant, contact one of our experts today.

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