Lab Services

SSI Aeration can provide in house and independent testing to demonstrate our products in action and conduct pilot studies to determine which product best suits your needs and price range.

Lab Testing

SSI Aeration offers a full range of in-house testing as well as relationships with a number of third party laboratories. Through the combination of these services we offer a range of testing including:

  • Oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Headloss
  • Physical properties and their change over time
  • Pilot testing services
  • Benchmarking
  • Forensic analysis

In addition, SSI Aeration uses Biowin™ software to complete plant process simulation with a specific focus on how the process affects the aeration system. This testing is a powerful tool that helps us provide our customers with custom tailored application solutions.

Oxygen transfer efficiency greatly depends on airflux rate and water depth, and to a lesser extent on diffuser density. To give our clients a general estimate, we have developed a curve generator that takes these factors into account and automatically corrects our test curves. Please contact SSI Aeration for the most accurate SOTE values for your application.

SOTE Testing

SSI offers full scale oxygen transfer testing in accordance with ASCE-2006 and ATV-M209, as well as laboratory scale off gas testing and process water field testing services in accordance with ASCE-1996. All tests are conducted by an independent engineer in accordance with specifications for diffuser density, submergence, and airflux rate. Correction to 1000 mg/l TDS is available. SSI also maintains a growing library of existing test reports that may approximate your project’s site condition. This is provided free of charge, if your project can make use of an existing test report with a similar configuration. Certification by a Professional Engineer is available. SSI Aeration can conduct SOTE testing throughout the year and the service is available for analyzing pilot studies as well as for alpha factor testing.

Forensic Analysis

SSI Aeration has the tools to carry out a variety of tests including visual analysis under a microscope, evaluation of physical properties, melt and burn tests, and x-ray diffraction tests. These tests allow SSI Aeration to project the remaining lifetime of a membrane, which can be very helpful to plant operators who want to calculate the ideal time to upgrade their system.


SSI Aeration can provide a crew of installers experienced with our systems to professionally install your aeration system. All of our installers carry necessary liability insurance and OSHA certificates and provide their own equipment.