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SSI Aeration offers a full range of in-house testing as well as relationships with a number of third party laboratories. Through the combination of these services we offer a range of testing including:

  • Oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Headloss
  • Physical properties and their change over time
  • Pilot testing services
  • Benchmarking
  • Forensic analysis

In addition, SSI Aeration uses Biowin™ software to complete plant process simulation with a specific focus on how the process affects the aeration system. This testing is a powerful tool that helps us provide our customers with custom tailored application solutions.

Oxygen transfer efficiency greatly depends on airflux rate and water depth, and to a lesser extent on diffuser density. To give our clients a general estimate, we have developed a curve generator that takes these factors into account and automatically corrects our test curves. Please contact SSI Aeration for the most accurate SOTE values for your application.

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