Design Services

SSI Aeration has an experienced team of engineers available for system design and product consultation. 2D and 3D drawings can be provided for customers anywhere in the world.

Full System Design

SSI Aeration provides comprehensive design services including biological and mixing calculations, process simulations and hydraulic studies. Our expert team can run seismic, buoyancy, and heat calculations to ensure your system is exactly suited for the local environment. We maintain a full drafting department with 3D animation capabilities and we can assist with specifications and CAD drawings.

SSI Aeration’s founding partners are engaged in the business every day and, combined with our many years of collective experience with installations around the world, our clients can rely on SSI’s tremendous depth of knowledge and industry insight. Add to this our innovative products and systems and our clients receive everything they need for successful installations and long term performance.

You also have the option of designing an aeration system yourself, using our extensive design tools available at the SSI Technology Portal.

Chat with us or send us a message if you are interested and we will happy to guide you through the applications.

Biological Simulation

SSI’s engineering team has substantial experience in process including empirical and lab data on alpha factors, oxygen transfer efficiency, and fouling factors. This data helps our staff understand the nuances of working with a variety of applications including:

  • Extended aeration
  • BNR
  • SBR
  • MBR
  • MBBR
  • Conventional activated sludge, in plug flow or complete mix tanks
  • With or without channel velocity from flow boosters

Our staff uses in-house calculators as well as Biowin™ to simulate system performance to check each system before presenting a proposal to the client.

Mechanical Calculations

Aeration systems constantly face static and dynamic loads. Systems are exposed to high temperatures both from the air within the system and the installation environment along with seismic forces in some cases. SSI Aeration’s staff has the experience to design an aeration system ready to withstand these forces and any anticipated conditions on site.

Our team performs heat loss, headloss, buoyancy and ballast, and seismic loading tests to ensure the durability of our system. In addition we study support stand pull out and frame rigidity for retrievable systems to ensure that our customers are getting a robust system.