Exclusive PODs™ Diffusers

PODs™ pre-assembled aeration diffusers save time and have a low margin of error. They suit situations that require a fast installation or collaboration with a contractor. Learn more about SSI’s exclusive PODs™ diffuser systems and their benefits.

Pre-Assembled Aeration Diffusers — Overview and Specifications

Factory-assembled PODs™ diffusers come pre-mounted on lateral pipes. The assembler then connects the units as specified to create a wastewater aeration system. PODs™ size specifications include:

  • Piping compatibility: Ø 3-inch, Ø 4-inch
  • Retaining nut: Ø 10.7-inch
  • Membrane: Ø 9-inch
  • Hole size on pipe: Ø 0.67-inch
  • Design airflow range: 1.5 to 3.0 SCFM
  • Active surface area: 0.41 feet squared

In addition to a polypropylene retaining nut and base plate, a PODs™ system has membranes that SSI manufactures from one of four materials:

  • EPDM: As SSI’s standard membrane material, EPDM offers reliability and consistency at a reasonable price point. Manufacturers use compression molding that involves vacuum technology and individual thermocouples.
  • PTFE: A PTFE coating can extend the life of an EPDM membrane and increase its effectiveness. PTFE has better fouling resistance, less plasticizer loss and reduced creep.
  • fEPDM™: When solvents can pose a risk to PTFE coatings, fEPDM™ membranes offer the required chemical resistance. The fEPDM™ manufacturing process also protects the membrane’s inner slits.
  • Viton®: Viton® from DuPont has high resistance to most chemicals and foulants. It suits high-intensity applications in which the client doesn’t consider cost an issue.

The versatility and simplicity of PODs™ make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Reduced Aeration Field Labor Costs

If a project has high labor costs or needs to save on labor costs where possible, a PODs™ system can assist in mitigating the price. Since trained personnel assemble the PODs™ units in advance, contractors can perform less work. As a result, the client can hire less intensive labor at a lower price.

Shorter Assembly Time

A PODs™ system has a shorter assembly time than a typical wastewater aeration system because SSI handles the unit connections. As a result, the installation process requires fewer steps, reducing its duration.

Easy Self-Install Water Aeration Diffusers

Every PODs™ aeration system has an easy self-installation process that makes it suitable for contractors of many skill levels. Projects that have a field labor shortage or a low installation budget can benefit from the system’s simple assembly.

Water Diffusers With Worry-Free Installation

Since semi-automatic machinery and trained experts create PODs™ systems in a controlled factory setting, clients can have a worry-free installation. Their professional construction reduces the chance of error for contractors.

Benefits of SSI Aeration, Inc. Disc Diffusers

Disc diffusers from SSI serve as the foundation of PODs™ systems. SSI has extensive experience working with plasticizer to create dependable rubber membranes. A compression molding technique promotes uniformity in materials for even tear resistance. SSI disc diffusers feature advanced plastics and engineering for top-quality results.

Buy PODs™ Diffusers From SSI Aeration, Inc.

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