MBBR Systems by SSI


Conventional activated sludge plants require more land and skilled personnel to operate than a Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR).  Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plants are popular, are expensive and the membrane has to be replaced on a schedule.  Why waste money when you are constructing the plant, when you are operating the plant, and when have to maintain it?  A smartly designed MBBR often provides the lowest overall cost of ownership.

SSI’s EEVolved MBBR for biological treatment utilizes an innovative biofilm carrier technology with an advanced understanding of biofilm, hydrodynamics, and aeration integration.  This provides you with the safest and most efficient process available.

MBBR provides the lowest Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of any biological treatment process, which means your reactors are small.   When we combine our know-how in fixed film technology with our aeration experience and capabilities, you end up with an MBBR powered by fine bubble diffusers that is right-sized for your application and is more volumetrically efficient than MBR, SBR, CAS and Granular process.

SSI MBBR’s are engineered to reduce the following:

Our MBBR’s are designed to increase the following:


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