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Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

Fine bubble disc diffusers from SSI Aeration, Inc. brings together the best in engineering, components and design to improve efficiency. Their performance and durability make them indispensable in municipal and industrial installations across the globe. We build reliability into every stage of their performance to improve your experience.


SSI Aeration, Inc. supplies fine bubble disc diffusers to all 50 states and more than 70 countries.fine bubble disc diffuser Customers throughout the world choose our fine bubble disc diffusers because of features such as:

  • Molded EPDM membranes with demonstrated results, tight wall thickness tolerances, even air distribution and minimal shrinkage
  • Patented PTFE membranes that lower lifetime costs through prolonged efficiency, reduced hardening, limited dynamic changes and less plasticizer extraction
  • Complete product line of 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch diffusers that you can combine to create the system you need
  • Increased piping system integrity through double anchors and a thicker wall pipe
  • SSI PODs™ factory-assembled connections available that lower on-site labor costs and shorten tank downtime
  • Tried and tested grommet connections with over 15 years of demonstrated results
  • Quick-connect saddles that allow installation with a simple quarter turn of the diffuser
  • Customer support after sale for assistance with design, calculations, simulation and installation

When you choose us as your fine bubble diffuser manufacturer, you get to enjoy these benefits and more. You’ll soon see why our products keep water clean across the world.

7 inch fine bubble disc diffusers


Bubble diffusers are a vital part of the wastewater aeration and treatment processes, making it possible to force air bubbles into water pipes to feed the microorganisms in the tanks responsible for processing the water. The quality of a company’s wastewater treatment is only as good as its bubble disc diffuser. SSI’s 7-inch fine bubble disc diffuser is great for maximizing oxygen diffuser density in high-efficiency applications. Industries all over the world use this bubble disc diffuser, and it meets or exceeds most industry standards for efficiency, life span and overall quality.

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9 inch fine bubble disc diffusers


Nine-inch fine bubble disc diffusers from SSI Aeration, Inc. feature industry-leading engineering, top-quality components and a sophisticated design. The 9-inch diffuser model finds use across industry standards. Thousands of industrial and municipal installations around the world count on this diffuser size for aeration. It also appears in many engineer specifications for wastewater treatment systems.

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fine bubble disc diffusers


SSI 12” Disc Diffuser systems combine engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product concept. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations worldwide, this advanced system has reliability built into every stage of performance. While the 9-inch fine bubble disc diffuser is a popular choice for many industrial wastewater treatment systems, some systems may require a larger model. SSI Aeration, Inc.’s 12-inch bubble fine disc diffuser is a preferred option for companies that need a cost-effective fine bubble disc diffuser with a greater active surface area.

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20 inch fine bubble disc diffusers


Fine bubble disc diffusers serve as a critical part of many wastewater treatment systems, providing important aeration for a functioning wastewater treatment process. SSI Aeration, Inc. prides itself on offering the best wastewater treatment diffusers concerning engineering, quality and design efficiency. Some wastewater treatment systems may require customized components that are somewhat different from the industry standard. SSI Aeration, Inc. strives to supply these systems. For example, some systems require cost considerations and the need to cover a larger active surface area. To accommodate these systems, SSI Aeration, Inc. is a reliable 20-inch fine bubble disc diffuser supplier.

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A Complete Product Line Available for Your Aeration System

Create the system that fits your needs. We engineer fine bubble disc diffusers and mount them on a wide range of piping materials, including:

  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • PP
  • Stainless steel


Your choice of connector materials also impacts the final system’s performance. When we attach your diffusers to your pipe, we can use components such as:

  • Saddles
  • Grommets
  • Pre-assembled PODs™


Wondering how to assemble your system? Let us provide a retrievable system or a fixed grid. Our systems can also come in the form of a kit or with most of the parts pre-assembled. We will discuss your needs so we can offer recommendations that fit your situation.

Patented PTFE Membranes

Patented PTFE membranes from SSI Aeration, Inc. prolong your system’s efficiency and reduce its whole-life costs. Our membranes reduce plasticizer extraction, membrane hardening, and shrinking. Since they protect your diffuser from these issues, they also reduce the risk of dynamic changes such as creep that result from the swell. Coating your membrane in PTFE makes your headloss values more consistent throughout the product’s life. Compared to an uncoated membrane, our PTFE membranes improve long-term power costs and air distribution. PTFE membranes from SSI also resist:

  • Fuels
  • Solvents
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chemicals
  • Fats, oils, and greases


Our PTFE membrane’s resistance to these materials makes it suitable for food processing and oil and gas refineries in addition to wastewater treatment plants.

When you use our PTFE membrane in your aeration system, your system also stays cleaner. Compared to leading EPDM membranes in the industry, they feature a reduced need for cleanings and improved fouling resistance. Our PTFE membrane demonstrates this improvement over its competitors by a factor of five to 10.


Piping System Integrity

We use double anchors and a thicker wall pipe for fewer breakages. Compared to the average diffuser system, we use 38% thicker piping. Our diffusers’ double rod support stands to provide twice the resistance to thermal and hydraulic loads. This design reduces the risk of failure due to temperature or water velocity. During the design process, we locate where the pipe needs the most support and attach the supports to these areas. By completing these steps, we can increase the product’s longevity.


Comprehensive Design Services and After-Sales Support

SSI Aeration, Inc. engineers can assist with every step of the design process. Let us help with process simulations, hydraulic studies and biological and mixing calculation. We staff a full drafting department who can create 3D drawings and animations to bring your ideas to life. Our specialists can also offer support for specifications and CAD drawings. The service and installation crew at SSI Aeration, Inc. can support you throughout the early stages of your project. Since we operate worldwide, we also have a global, multilingual staff dedicated to your satisfaction.

upgrade options

Intelligent Upgrade Options for a Superior Diffuser

Our team understands the importance of efficient wastewater treatment systems. To further increase your system’s performance, we offer innovative upgrades you can add to your purchase. Read more about our upgrade options below.

Buy Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers From SSI Aeration, Inc.

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