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Mixing Evaluator // Tapered Aeration Configurator

With this application, you can enter tank dimensions, airflow rate, and any mechanical mixer power values, and generate a report evaluating your design. The report will provide you with guidance and design recommendations based on area and volume based mixing calculations, as well as (g) velocity gradient.

To access the Mixing Evaluator application please click here

Mixing Evaluator usage instructions – Please watch this short video.


Configure your plug-flow reactor for tapered aeration with this application. Is your plant a candidate for tapered aeration? What are my transfer efficiencies, mixing rates and power consumption in each zone? What should I do in my Swing Zone? You can answer all of these questions and print out a design report.

To access SSI’s Tapered Aeration Configuration Engine Click Here

Tapered Aeration Configurator usage instructions – Please watch this short video.