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  • SSI Aeration, Inc.’s ECT70 tube diffusers provide low pressure loss, high oxygen transfer efficiency and ease of installation. We created this diffuser to offer you the highest quality product at the most affordable price.  The production method slashes the labor cost of manufacturing by 75% without sacrificing quality.
  • How do we do that?  We use the same high quality membrane that we produce for our other products, but instead of snapping, gluing and clamping lots of plastic and rubber parts together, we instead take the membrane and mold the plastic housing all around it.    Then we mount the diffuser cartridge on a saddle, providing modularity around the affordable diffuser cartridge for easy replacement, instead of around the membrane.
  • SSI’s ECT70 tube diffusers are designed to offer high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and a simple installation. The ECT70 diffusers have a sturdy polypropylene body that simplifies handling during setup. This material has a lower environmental impact and a high level of temperature resistance. ECT70 diffusers have a channel-style support body that extends the membrane’s lifespan in certain applications.
  • Our new ECD70 diffusers are available with a variety of membrane materials including our patented PTFE membranes, EPDM and Silicone, and they are designed to use less energy and require minimal maintenance.
  • Strong Polypropylene body makes handling during installation easy, provides a high temperature resistance, and is environmentally friendly. ECT diffusers feature a channel style support body which extends membrane life in on/off applications.
  • Manufacturers at SSI build dependability and performance into every step of the process. This dedication to quality shows in each product’s results and installation. Have a look at some SSI ECT70 tube diffusers in action below:


ECT Tube Diffuser

ECT Tube Diffuser

ECT Tube Diffuser under Test

ECT Tube Diffuser under Test












Reduced Labor Costs

ECT diffusers come in the form of a cartridge that needs no additional assembly. SSI molds the diffuser body around the membrane to build the ECT70 diffuser with as few separate parts as possible. Replacing the ECT70 diffuser also involves a simple process. The diffuser’s ease of installation and replacement save costs on labor.

Easy Installation and Replacement

It takes a few simple steps to install or replace an ECT70 diffuser. Each process involves the following actions:

  • Installation: Clients can use the diffuser cartridge as-is without clamps or extra assembly. Most ECT70 customers install the diffuser by inserting it into a saddle mount and twisting it 90 degrees. Once the client locks the diffuser in through this process, they can begin using the diffuser.
  • Replacement: Replacing an ECT70 diffuser cartridge involves even easier steps than installation. When the user need a new cartridge, they remove the old one and replace it with a new one on the same saddle body.

These fast and easy installation and replacement processes save the time and money needed to work with complicated parts.

High-Quality Membrane Material and Construction

Projects across the globe use ECT tube diffusers with extended membrane life for their longevity and reliability. Customers can order ECT70 diffusers in a wide range of membrane materials, including:

  • EPDM: SSI builds dependability into standard EPDM compounds with a process that emphasizes uniformity. As a result, clients get a consistent product at an affordable price.
  • PTFE: During the molding process, SSI can add a PTFE coating to an EPDM membrane. This protective layer reduces creep and plasticizer loss while increasing resistance to fouling and chemicals.
  • Silicone: The SSI team can also offer silicone membranes for applications with specific ozone requirements or high temperatures. Silicone membranes also suit situations where the client prefers inorganic membrane materials.

When SSI creates an ECT70 diffuser, we use injection molding with the same materials for reliable disc diffusers. We mold the polypropylene body around the membrane, which results in a construction without loose parts. The materials SSI uses for tube and disc diffusers can last for 10 years or longer.

Environmentally Friendly

ECT diffusers from SSI have a lower impact on the environment than comparable products. SSI uses recycled plastic to create an ECT70 diffuser’s parts, allowing us to reduce waste. Since SSI uses a molding process that involves few parts, we can complete a diffuser with fewer materials.

High Temperature Resistance

An ECT diffuser’s polypropylene body can resist temperatures up to 190°F (90°C). SSI’s ECT tube diffusers with high temperature resistance can withstand applications in a variety of environments.

Buy ECT Tube Diffusers From SSI Aeration

Choose SSI Aeration as the top ECT wastewater aeration diffuser company for the benefits above and more. To learn more about the worldwide choice of  ECT diffusers, fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you. You may also complete an online quote request to begin the design and purchasing process.

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