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Lina Chiaverini

wastewater engineer

Mrs. Chiaverini began her career with SSI as an intern and returned after graduation. In the past 10 years she has headed SSI’s Customer Service Department…

Tom Frankel

wastewater engineer

Mr. Frankel co-founded SSI in 1995 with experience in design and distribution of engineered systems. He is in charge of sales, marketing and operations in the company.

Seoungil Kang

wastewater engineer

Mr. Kang was an early partner to SSI in Korea and joined SSI in America as a partner in 2000. Mr. Kang is in charge of R&D, Production, and Engineering.

Todd D. Ritter

wastewater engineer

Mr. Ritter co-founded SSI in 1995 with expertise in international markets and distribution of mechanical equipment. He is in charge of the financial well being of the Company…

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