Full System Design

SSI Aeration provides comprehensive design services including biological and mixing calculations, process simulations and hydraulic studies. Our expert team can run seismic, buoyancy, and heat calculations to ensure your system is exactly suited for the local environment. We maintain a full drafting department with 3D animation capabilities and we can assist with specifications and CAD drawings.

SSI Aeration’s founding partners are engaged in the business every day and, combined with our many years of collective experience with installations around the world, our clients can rely on SSI’s tremendous depth of knowledge and industry insight. Add to this our innovative products and systems and our clients receive everything they need for successful installations and long term performance.

Full-Service Customization

While having a proper aeration system is essential for wastewater treatment facilities, some operators may not know where to start. SSI offers full diffused aeration system design services, complete with all the necessary system components and a variety of customization options.

Many different factors go into building a diffused aeration solution. Some of these factors may include containment type and size, environmental conditions and budget. Our aeration system designers can handle all the planning and heavy lifting when it comes to installing pipes, retrieval systems, diffusers, mounts, supports and accessories. Systems developed and assembled by SSI will provide reliable oxygen transfer while removing harmful chemicals, sediment and additional soluble materials.

We offer system designs with several benefits, including:

  • Increased Durability: When designing diffused aeration systems, SSI takes extra steps to ensure durability and longevity. We calculate factors such as temperature and buoyancy to determine environmental effects and use strong materials such as stainless steel. SSI diffusers are also resistant to issues such as clogging and bacteria, which can slow down operations and cause repairs. Customized systems and fixtures allow treatment plants to better control oxygen levels and airflow without major wear and tear or damage.
  • High Efficiency: Choose improved efficiency with SSI system products and options, from sturdy tube diffusers and retrievable grids to customized supports and accessories. Our systems come with smart technology to help identify issues quickly, while fine bubble diffusers transfer oxygen at a fast rate due to an increased amount of distribution time from slower rising bubbles. Other SSI system components, such as our multi-layer PTFE membranes, also provide extra fouling resistance, which helps protect operational efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance: Wastewater may contain any number of contaminants such as sediment, carbonate and floc — and these substances can clog or damage aeration systems over time. SSI offers systems with components and diffusers designed to make the maintenance process easier. Coarse bubble diffusers offer exceptional clogging resistance, while automated measurements keep track of factors such as airflow, temperature and bubble patterns inside the system.

You also have the option of designing a diffused aeration system yourself, using our extensive design tools available at the SSI Technology Portal. If you already have a vision for your facility’s diffused aeration system, SSI will create a tailored design. With SSI software, it only takes a few moments to assemble a proposal detailing the ideal system design.


SSI design services for diffused aeration systems can benefit from a variety of wastewater treatment applications. From large aeration tanks and digesters to equalization tanks and channels, customized designs can fit nearly any form of wastewater containment.

Aeration systems help treat water for redistribution to companies and end-users. Facilities may also use diffused aeration systems to sustain populations of aquatic life in ponds and similar bodies of water.

Experienced Professional Aeration Engineers

Diffused aeration system design services from SSI allow organizations to take control of their wastewater treatment processes. High-efficiency technology and customizable parts provide opportunities for energy and money savings and increased productivity during the aeration process.

Maximize airflow and damage resistance with SSI’s full customized aeration systems. Chat with us or send us a message if you are interested and we will happy to guide you through the applications.

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