ReliaBall Diffusers

The SSI Coarse Bubble Diffuser System is called ReliaBall™ for a reason. It combines engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product design. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world, SSI Aeration’s ReliaBall™ is a name to trust.

SSI ReliaBall™ Coarse Bubble Diffusers Unique System Strengths

  • Intelligently designed to prevent clogging by automatically closing and sealing when the air is turned off
  • ReliaBall™ will not be clogged by rags in the tank
  • The SSI ReliaBall™ headloss is approximately 10″ WG / 25 mbar when operated at 4 SCFM / 7 Sm3-hr (Operating Range: 0 to 10 scfm / 0-17 Sm3-hr)
  • Piping system integrity – thicker wall pipe and double anchors for fewer breakages
  • Grommet connection is easy to ship, move, and install on site – it’s affordable, tried and tested over 15 years
  • Comprehensive design service and after sales support – our full drafting department works with you through design and calculation to simulation and installation


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