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Why is Aeration Important for Treating Wastewater?

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: mayo 22nd 2019

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Wastewater aeration is the process of adding air into the water to increase pollutant degradation.  Aeration removes pollutants such as dissolved gasses, metals, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs, ammonia, iron, and methane.  VOCs include benzene, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, and perchloroethylene.  In order to ensure effective removal of such pollutants, the contact time and saturation of air must be sufficient. In addition, the smaller the air bubbles, the more efficient.


When and how do we use aeration?

Aeration is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes.  It is often the first major process in the treatment of wastewater.  The submerged aeration diffusers release oxygen into the wastewater. Thus, as the bubbles rise from the bottom on the tank, oxygen moves from a gaseous state to a liquid state.  This increases the dissolved oxygen and keeps microorganisms suspended.  The longer these microorganisms remain suspended, the more efficient the process is in breaking down pollutants.

There are several aeration options available for the treatment process.  These options are fine bubble disc diffusers, fine bubble tube diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers, and more.  SSI’s fine bubble disc diffusers come in 7″, 9″ and 12″.  SSI’s fine bubble tube diffusers come in a variety of lengths from 250mm to 1000mm and any special sizing considerations.  In addition, coarse bubble diffusers include SSI’s coarse bubble cap diffuser, the patented ReliaBall, and wide band coarse bubble diffusers.

SSI’s engineering and design team can work with you to develop an aeration system that works well for your application.  In addition, we have extensive experience in all application processes including pulp and paper, meat processing, dairy, textile, lake and pond, fisheries, wineries, and more.

Below are images of SSI’s disc diffuser, tube diffuser, coarse bubble cap diffuser, and patented ReliaBall.  In addition, these all include our patented PTFE coated membrane material.

pod disc diffusertube diffuser

coarse bubble disc diffusercoarse bubble diffuser