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Fixed Film Systems

What is a mbbr system?

A Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) is a biological treatment system. The system contains moving media which provide protected area for biology to attach and grow. Unlike conventional activated sludge systems that rely on suspended biology, MBBR system rely on attached biology. The media and attached biology are contained within the tank, and therefore there is no need for activated sludge. There is also significantly less solids to the clarifier.  

Benefits of an SSI MBBR System Include

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What is SSI's EEvolved MBBR and how is it different?

A successful MBBR must have uniform distribution throughout the tank 

What is an IFAS System?


Fixed film systems differ in the type of media that is sed to provided the protected surface area for biology to grow. In an MBBR system, moving media is deployed. In a fixed film system, fixed media (not moving) is deploy.  

Although MBBR has many benefits over fixed film systems in typical wastewater plants, a fixed film system may be a better fit in certain scenarios. For example, retrofitting an oxidation ditch or carousal. In this case, the circular water motion makes it difficult to control the movement of moving media, so fixed media may be a better fit. 

SSI also provides fixed film solutions.