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Wide Band diffusers from SSI Aeration deliver exceptional strength and durability in wastewater treatment applications. For engineers and service providers who need a system that’s more flexible than a fine bubble diffuser and more powerful than another type of coarse bubble diffuser, the Wide Band system is the ideal solution.

Wide Band diffusers provide long-lasting maintenance and treatments in a wide variety of industry-grade chambers and tanks. SSI has high-technology products available for anyone considering implementing a Wide Band diffuser system.

SPECIFICATIONSwide band diffusers

Wide Band systems have many characteristics that set them apart from other types of diffusers. Wide Band diffuser specifications and features include:

  • Durable Stainless Steel Material
  • Removable Deflectors
  • Easily Replaceable Fixtures
  • 1.7-2.5% SOTE/m Oxygen Transfer Rates
  • Cast Endcaps

The Wide Band diffuser operates by creating an air reservoir, which allows air to pass freely through it. With help from the deflector plate at the bottom of the system, the diffuser keeps debris and sediment from entering or backing up the device’s functions. Corrosion-resistance and flexibility help this diffuser deliver balanced air distribution to all piping systems.


  • Simply unscrew your Wide Band type diffuser from the existing piping system, and replace it with an SSI Aeration fixture
  • Reduce worrying about clogging or turndown
  • Save money, time and aggravation for minimal expense
  • Design Flow: 10-40 SCFM (17-67 Nm3/hr)
  • Flow Range: 0-4- SCFM (0-67 Nm3/hr
  • Hole Quantity: 44
  • Length: 24” (600mm)


The extra strength and durability provided by stainless steel Wide Band diffusers allow them to handle more demanding applications. Like most coarse bubble diffusers, Wide Band systems are best suited for use in a range of containments such as aerobic digesters, grit chambers and equalization tanks.

What sets these diffusers apart is that engineers and operators most often use them in more extreme conditions. For instance, these are suitable for chambers that may stay empty for long periods or become exposed to elements. Wide Band diffusers continue to operate well in the heat and freezing temperatures.

SSI Wide Band diffusers for sale offer several other benefits, such as:

sewage treatment water reclamation plant


While frequent maintenance and repairs can slow operations and lead to downtime, Wide Band diffusers use their clogging prevention capabilities and improved alpha factor to keep processes running smoothly. SSI Wide Band systems optimize efficiency by reducing the risks of harmful bacteria growth and plugged openings, which can present concerns with fine bubble diffusers.

wide band

Head Loss

Wide Band diffusers provide low head loss throughout routine operations in a piping system. Keeping track of the energy loss in a system’s liquid flow is critical, so a diffuser that offers the proper pressure levels will increase the manageability of the chamber or tank.

oxygen transfer efficiency

Oxygen Transfer

The oxygen transfer rates of SSI Wide Band diffusers may reach up to 0.8% per foot of submergence. Oxygen transfer is a major function of diffuser systems. It requires large amounts of air and energy, especially for larger bubble diffusers. With our efficient transfer rates, users can more effectively balance the supply of oxygen in their aerobic tanks.


SSI is made up of trustworthy Wide Band diffuser manufacturers who work to develop manageable diffuser systems for wastewater treatment applications. SSI also offers the Relia-Ball TM retrofit kit to make the conversion as simple as possible.

To learn more about the worldwide choice of Wide Band Diffusers, fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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