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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Manufacturer in Bangladesh

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: mayo 8th 2018

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SSI’s growth as an effluent treatment plant (ETP) manufacturer in Bangladesh has been phenomenal.  SSI is among the top effluent treatment plant (ETP) suppliers in Bangladesh. The company provides support to a number of its clients based in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh. The adoption of the SSI effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh or in any country of the world is increasing.  Staffed with an adept engineering and field service team, SSI is competently servicing its effluent treatment plant  (ETP) clients across multiple cities in the country.

MBBR effluent treatment plant

MBBR Technology

With the advent of MBBR technology, conventional activated sludge type effluent treatment plants are fading out as the land and civil works requirements are too high. MBBR solves this issue because it is a compact design with small tanks using small plots of land, and the tanks such as the equalization tank, the MBBR reactor tank, and the clarifier tank can be stacked.

MBBR’s require very few if any chemicals and have produced very little sludge, dramatically reducing the cost of operating the plant, and the complexity.  With SSI well established on the market in Bangladesh, local companies have a great choice for their effluent treatment plant (ETP) provider.

Benefits of working with SSI

Service is critical.  Some of the benefits of choosing SSI as your effluent treatment plant provider in Bangladesh are as follows:

MBBR SystemBangladesh Treatment Plants

With the increasing presence of SSI effluent treatment plants (ETP) in Bangladesh, SSI is rapidly becoming the preferred effluent treatment plant supplier in the country. Dhaka is the world’s textile capital, and there are all different types and sizes of facilities. There is a huge market for effluent treatment plants (ETP) and SSI services these clients in Dhaka very well, with outstanding independently monitored results and so far, no violations. We at SSI are so comfortable with the MBBR effluent treatment plants (ETP) that we are implementing it for all of our customers to experience the benefits over the long term.

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