Why choose PTFE Diffusers in Dairy Wastewater Applications?

Aeration, Fine Bubble, PTFE,  Wastewater Treatment, Retrievable Systems The dairy industry is one of the largest source of food processing wastewater to be treated. Since there are so many types of dairy […]

SSI Diffusers for the Meat Processing Industry

Meat Processing, Fine Bubble, Disc Diffuser, Tube Diffuser, EPDM, PTFE   Meat processing plants are in constant operation. Time spent not operating means losing money, which isn’t an option. […]

SSI Diffusers for Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Pharmaceutical Wastewater, PTFE Coated Membrane, 12″ Disc Diffuser, Retrievable Systems   SSI’s Disc Diffusers with PTFE coated membrane is the top choice of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants around the […]

SSI Fine Bubble Diffusers for Landfill Leachate Wastewater

Aeration, Fine Bubble, PTFE,  Wastewater Treatment, Retrievable Systems, ETP, Effluent, Leachate, Landfill As we all know, landfill leachate is a very complex and polluted liquid. We can find different types of materials in it from metals […]

SSI Offers 9″ Disc Diffuser Replacement Parts and Installation

Replacement Membranes, PTFE Coated Membranes, Disc Diffuser, Tube Diffuser   SSI Aeration offers replacement membranes that will fit the bodies of most competitor’s diffusers both disc and tube. Replacement membranes are available […]

ECT Tube Diffusers

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a series of independent oxygen transfer tests on our ECT-70 fine bubble tube diffuser product.  We already knew that this was […]

New York City DEP Approves SSI as an Aeration Vendor

In 2015, NY City approved SSI for a pilot test at the Bowery Bay WWTP.  We installed 1700 PTFE coated diffuser membranes at the plant and in 2017, the […]

New Tube Diffuser Model Available from SSI

SSI introduces a new configuration to supplement existing tube diffuser products AFTN, AFTS, and ECT We are pleased to introduce the AFT-C31000E/P fine bubble tube diffuser series.  The product […]

SSI grows rapidly as an ETP supplier to the Textile Industry

Textile Plants Worldwide Choose SSI as their ETP Supplier   During 2019, SSI has booked new orders for effluent treatment plants (ETP) in South Asia, Africa, North America and […]

Dramatic Sales Growth of the SSI Textile ETP in Pakistan

ETP, Effluent Treatment Plant, MBBR, MBBR, MBBR Software You should contact SSI to build your factory a Textile ETP in Pakistan.   Garment factories are doing their best to improve sustainability to protect the […]

Wastewater Aeration

Fine Bubble, Wastewater Aeration, Coarse Bubble, Wastewater Design Software Aeration is the basis of secondary wastewater treatment, which comes after the headworks and sometimes also after a primary clarifier.  […]


SSI is Exhibiting at the Annual WEFTEC conference this year from October 1st to 3rd 2018. This years show will be held in New Orleans and our staff is […]

Aerobic Digester

Enternova of Chile installed an SSI aeration system featuring the Relia-Ball™ coarse bubble diffuser on stainless steel pipes.  It was an ideal choice for an aerobic digester.   This diffuser […]

SSI Mentioned in Ft. Worth Village Creek WWTP Article

In 2010, Johnson Controls awarded SSI a large municipal aeration project for the City of Ft. Worth, Texas at the Village Creek WWTP (166 MGD/625,000 m3/day).  The SSI system […]

SSI ECD215 Diffuser SOTE Tests Completed

In August, 2018, SSI received the SOTE test report from ATC, SA of Barcelona, Spain.  A series of 23 tests were conducted on the diffusers, at two densities, with […]

Aeration System Video Taken by Drone – 13 year old SSI Success

During the summer of 2017, we took some drone footage of a wastewater treatment plant with a 13 year old aeration system from SSI.  It is a 10 MGD […]

First SOTE Test Results for SSI’s ECD215 – 7″ Disc Diffuser

These data are for the ECD215 fine bubble disc diffuser showing a range of SOTE between 7.94%/m and 9.32%/m at airflows from 2.5 Sm3/hr/pc to 0.33 Sm3/hr/pc, at 5m […]

Fine Bubble Diffusers in the Middle East

SSI succeeds in the Middle East with fine bubble diffusers SSI has completed the installation and commissioning of the fine bubble diffusers for Al Madina Al Shamaliya, Bahrain.  SSI […]

Paper Wastewater

Paper Mill Diffused Aeration A number of Canadian, European and South American mills have tried EPDM, Silicone and Polyurethane membranes in their pulp and paper applications.  Many of them […]

MBBR ETP in India

MBBR ETP EXPERTISE IN INDIA   On a recent sales call for an MBBR ETP in India with a company has been selling MBBR ETP media but not MBBR […]

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