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Channel Velocity and Flow Boosters in Diffused Aeration Tanks

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: November 30th 2016

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There are different kinds of mixers in aeration basins, and some create problems for the floor mounted piping system, and others do not.

Horizontal Flow Boosters or Flow Makers  

Typically, submerged aeration piping and diffusers should be arranged in parallel to the hydraulic flow in the reactor, wherever there is induced velocity from a flow booster or flow maker.   Tube diffusers can present a special challenge, since it is impossible to arrange both piping and tube diffusers in parallel to the flow in such cases, so usually the ends of tubes need to be supported in such cases.

Flow Booster

Flow Booster Example 1 – too close to diffusers and piping


Flow Booster Example 3

Flow Booster Example 2 – working well with proper clearances


Support and Piping Failure from Booster Velocity

Support and Piping Failure from Booster Velocity


A problem waiting to happen

A problem waiting to happen


Vertical Mixers for Anoxic Zones and Swing Zones

This kind of mixer rarely causes problems for floor mounted diffusers. Either the hydraulic velocities they create are low, or they direct their energy up and away from the floor.

Anoxic Zone Mixer - Rarely a Problem

Anoxic Zone Mixer – These are Rarely a Problem


Also rarely a problem

Also rarely a problem