Why choose PTFE Diffusers in Dairy Wastewater Applications?

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The dairy industry is one of the largest source of food processing wastewater to be treated. Since there are so many types of dairy with different textures within the same application, such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, nuts etc, it is more complex than other applications. With that in mind we can conclude that there is a lot to be treated prior to sending the water to the sewer.

Dairy applications have a high presence of fats, oils, grease and other elements that are difficult to aerate. For that reason SSI Aeration has played an important role in Dairy Wastewater since the mid 2000’s. A client in Canada was very frustrated with other membrane material diffusers that they found and where having many issues until SSI Aeration found the solution to their plant. Continue reading the story here: “Dairy Waste Water is an SSI Specialty”

From that moment on, SSI has recommended that dairy wastewater applications use their PTFE coated membranes which have been successful in industries such as oil and gas refineries, meat processing plants, carbonated beverages factories, food production facilities and paper mills.

Why PTFE in dairy applications?


Some of the countries we have been successful with the installation of our PTFE membranes using retrievable and fix grid systems are as follows:



In the next blog post we will explain more in depth “Why PTFE?”