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Dramatic Sales Growth of the SSI Textile ETP in Pakistan

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: September 20th 2018

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You should contact SSI to build your factory a Textile ETP in Pakistan.   Garment factories are doing their best to improve sustainability to protect the environment. Because of this, textile manufacturers, making blue jeans, yarn, and other garments, must make investments in effluent treatment plants (ETP).  This can get expensive, and some designs use a lot of land.

When it is time to choose a textile machine, you go for the best, because your livelihood depends on it.  However we have seen many textile manufacturers try to build wastewater treatment plants on the cheap.  It can be a mistake, costing more land, energy, and lost contracts.  This can be due to non-compliance with effluent standards, or just because of a poor reflection on your factory from a low quality ETP by foreign buyers.  Your textile ETP in Pakistan should be the same quality as your production machines.  But it doesn’t have to be expensive!

We can help you, because we have expert engineers with textile wastewater ETP experience, in Pakistan, and in the region.  Our process has the following advantages:


Filling an MBBR with Media

Filling an MBBR with Media


Textile Wastewater - Blue Jeans Factory

Textile Wastewater – Blue Jeans Factory


After SSI's MBBR

After SSI’s MBBR