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Tecneco Service (Italy) and SSI Solve Client’s Troubles

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: August 20th 2010

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Solofra , South Italy , is the biggest WWTP for tannery sewage in Italy and is among the largest in Europe . Incoming waste water flow is 9600 m3/day. Usual sludges concentration in the process are 10-14 kg/m3. Salts are as usual in tannery plus high carbonate concentration in the local water supply.

In early 2009 after a few weeks a lot of membranes popped out from a new aeration system supplied by a competitor.

The client ran tests with SSI membranes, including SSI’s patented PTFE coated membranes. In July 2009 we supplied 5500 SSI membranes PTFE 2×2 mm slit. These membranes were installed in August 2009.

The membranes are working quite well ; workmen in the plant are telling us the SSI PTFE membranes are “ walking like strong mules ……”.

Service from Tecneco Service and SSI at the beginning of the story to face and solve the problem successfully removed a big headache for this client.

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