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SSI Replaces Competitor’s Plate Diffusers in the Middle East with 12″ disc PTFE Fine Bubble Diffusers

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: October 29th 2015

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Generally speaking, the smaller the diffuser, the smaller the orifice.

The smaller the diffuser, the less severe the failure.

SSI PTFE fine bubble diffuser membrane coatings will provide significant benefit to this site to reduce plasticizer extraction and the rate of fouling.  Once the plate diffuser membranes (made by others) fouled with alum, the blowers had to work harder and hotter, and there was more pressure and heat on the diffusers and joints.  Sometimes there is a benefit to using a larger slit – in order to relieve pressure in a process where you expect severe fouling.  It can dramatically reduce the time to failure of your system.

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