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SSI PTFE Disc Diffuser Membranes selected by IMPEC SOLOFRA

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: June 10th 2009

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A large municipal wastewater treatment plant in Italy with a significant tannery component has selected SSI patent pending PTFE coated EPDM membranes to replace a competitors’ EPDM membranes. This selection follows a rigorous side by side comparative test with SSI EPDM, PTFE and competitors’ products. The plant has 10-13 Kg/m3 MLSS and dried sludge on the membranes reacts to both HCL and H2SO4. SSI will manufacture the PTFE membranes with 2mm slits, in order to provide the lowest possible back pressure.

Thanks to SSI’s agent in Italy, Dr. Gianfranco Ramazzotti of Tecneco Service SAS of Polonghera, Italy for sharing this information.

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