SSI Offers 9″ Disc Diffuser Replacement Parts and Installation

Replacement Membranes, PTFE Coated Membranes, Disc Diffuser, Tube Diffuser


SSI Aeration offers replacement membranes that will fit the bodies of most competitor’s diffusers both disc and tube. Replacement membranes are available in SSI’s patented PTFE, EPDM, and Silicone. Whether it is a ceramic-to-membrane or a membrane-to-membrane retrofit, SSI can help.

Our replacement diffuser membranes are produced in house with the same high quality materials and production methods as our standard line. Our membranes have been field tested in municipal and industrial applications worldwide with excellent results in high oxygen transfer efficiency, optimal performance for longer lifespan, and reduced power costs.

PTFE coated membranes have several benefits:


Some replacement jobs include:

City of Jefferson, MO WWTP Replacement Membranes

City of Jefferson, MO WWTP Replacement Membranes