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SSI fEPDM Fine Bubble Membranes May Reduce Creep

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: May 4th 2009

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SSI’s fEPDM membranes have been retrieved from a pulp and paper mill in Washington State.

When compared to standard EPDM membranes from another manufacturer which were in the same wastewater you can see that the amount of creep that occurred with the SSI fEPDM membranes was insignificant.

Further field trials and lab tests of SSI’s patent pending fEPDM and PTFE coated membranes are ongoing. Check back for more results as they come in.

The SSI fEPDM membrane is on the right. The membrane on the left is an EPDM membrane from another manufacturer not made by SSI. Any low plasticizer EPDM membrane will creep in a hot, wet environment without protection, such as SSI’s patent-pending fEPDM or PTFE encapsulation technologies.

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