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SSI ECD215 Diffuser SOTE Tests Completed

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: August 31st 2018

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In August, 2018, SSI received the SOTE test report from ATC, SA of Barcelona, Spain.  A series of 23 tests were conducted on the diffusers, at two densities, with two orifice sizes, and at two water depths.  The results were normalized to a TDS of 1000 mg/l, as recommended by ASCE2006. This provides SSI with sufficient data to predict the performance of the ECD215 disc diffuser across a wide range of flows, diffuser densities and water depths.   This single-mold fine bubble disc diffuser from SSI is economical, and it provides one of the best value propositions on the market, because of its price, extremely high oxygen transfer efficiency and modest dynamic wet pressure (DWP).

SSI’s EC series of fine bubble disc and tube diffusers have proven a big hit in the market.  Order yours today!

ECD215 HD Test Grid

ECD215 HD Test Grid


Diffuser grid under test

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