SSI Diffusers for Pharmaceutical Wastewater

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: April 3rd 2019

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Pharmaceutical Wastewater, PTFE Coated Membrane, 12″ Disc Diffuser, Retrievable Systems


SSI’s Disc Diffusers with PTFE coated membranes are the top choice for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants. SSI has installed in China, Ireland, Philippines, India, and Hungary.  PTFE coated membranes are the best option when treating pharmaceutical wastewater.

SSI’s PTFE coated membrane is chemical and solvent resistant.  Thus, making it highly desired for treating pharmaceutical wastewater.  This is due to the high levels of chemicals within the water that may cause degradation to an uncoated membrane.

SSI’s 12” disc diffuser with PTFE coated membranes were used at a pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant.  The PTFE coated membrane provides a strong barrier to the harsh chemicals in the wastewater.  A picture of this is shown below.


Pharmaceutical WWTP in Hungary


SSI’s 12” disc diffusers with PTFE coated membrane were compared side by side with a competitor’s 9” disc diffuser with EPDM membrane and the results spoke for themselves.  The competitor’s membrane decreased in thickness by 14.58% and had stretched by 6.62%. Whereas, SSI’s PTFE coated membrane only decreased in thickness by 1.39% and had stretched by 2.97%. Thus, resulting in a more efficient operation. It was because of these tests, that the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant in Hungary had decided to use SSI’s diffusers.

SSI’s PTFE coated membrane offers a longer lifespan than traditional EPDM membranes in industrial applications such as this. The PTFE coating creates a strong barrier between the harsh chemicals and the membrane. This prevents chemicals from seeping in and breaking down the membrane, thus creating a longer life span.

For industrial plants, draining a basin could mean shutting down their entire operation. Therefore, retrievable systems work well for scenarios such as this because they allow the entire aeration grid to be lifted out for inspection without dewatering the tank. This can be seen in the pictures below.


Retrievable Aeration System in Ireland

Retrievable Aeration System in Operation

Retrievable Aeration System Being Lifted Out