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PTFE Diffusers for Municipal WWTP ‘s

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: September 22nd 2008

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Many people have the misconception that PTFE coated disc diffusers are only for industrial WWTP’s. It is true that they are useful for industrial WWTP’s and often have spectacular results with them.

North Texas Municipal WWTP (Dallas, TX), Fox Metro WWTP (Aurora, IL), Jeddah North WWTP (Saudi Arabia), Makkah West WWTP (Saudi Arabia), Songnam WWTP (Korea), and many others recognize a simple fact.

It costs more money to drain a basin and change membranes than it does to pay a little bit more for piece of mind and longer membrane life. EPDM doesn’t last forever, and protecting it from premature fouling and ageing not only delays the inevitable and dreaded membrane change, but it also may improve operating efficiency of the aeration system during its useful life.

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