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Pierce County Reports Positive News

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: January 11th 2011

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In 2009, Pierce County (Tacoma) Washington installed 9000 SSI PTFE disc membranes at their 29 MGD WWTP as a replacement for plain EPDM disc membranes made by another well known American company.

Pierce County reports a .6 PSI drop in pressure across the entire system after installing the SSI PTFE Diffusers. The system pressure dropped from 9.8 to 9.2. They said that typically they need a 500 hp blowers and 1 or 2 150 hp blowers to meet the demand. So far they have only needed the 500 hp blower. He is very happy with the new diffusers and wants them in used in their future expansion.

Thank you Pierce County for your business and congratulations on the successful installation that is so typical of this product. And thanks to Bob Thurston of Correct Equipment, Inc., SSI’s representative in the Territory, for reporting this information.