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Baranquilla, Colombia project to use SSI AFD350

Congratulations to Edgar Suarez and Raul Velasquez of SAE in Bogota on their success on the Baranquilla WWTP project which will use in excess of 8000 pcs of SSI […]

SSI Receives Patent on PTFE Coated EPDM Membranes

Great news! SSI has received its first international patent on PTFE coated EPDM membranes. This patent was filed in the US, Korea, and in the European Community. Full patent […]

PTFE Coated Diffusers installed at a Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant

In December, 2006, Danone de Mexico installed SSI 12″ PTFE coated disc diffusers in their wastewater treatment plant at Irapuato. Danone had previously used EPDM diffusers which fouled due […]

SSI works with CDM on two fine bubble diffuser projects

SSI 12″ disc diffusers with quick connect saddles were installed at Conroe, Texas on a project designed and installed by CDM. SSI 9″ disc diffusers with quick connect saddles […]

April 25 – 29,2005: IFAT Show in Germany

IFAT Show was held in Munich, Gemany in between April 25 – 29,2005 and the Show are successful.We got Tremendous response from the customers all over the world.Check out […]

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