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New Aeration System Installations in North America

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: August 18th 2008

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This year SSI has installed quite a few medium to large sized diffused aeration systems at municipal wastewater treatment plants around North America. These include Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, Federalsburg, Maryland, McPherson, Kansas, Abington, Pennsylvania, Enumclaw, Washington, and Grand Island, Nebraska. It has also been a busy year for us in Mexico, with a large revamping project in Mexico City where we are supplying large tube membranes, and multiple disc diffuser and tube diffuser installations around the country.

The Snappy SaddleTM tube diffuser was used at Simcoe, Grand Island, and Saytech/Mexico. It has become quite popular due to its technical superiority over other tube diffuser products on the market, and easier installation.

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