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Medium Bubble Diffusers

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: November 29th 2016

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This  new term started to appear a few years ago which is meant to describe a diffuser that produces a bubble size larger than 1-3mm in diameter but smaller than 10mm in diameter.   (Traditionally, diffusers with slits were called fine bubble, and diffusers with holes were called coarse bubble.)   These are often specified in aerobic digesters and with media or high solids concentrations, but they can also be useful in deep tanks where smaller bubbles provide diminishing returns and in industrial applications where fouling is expected to be severe.

SSI manufactures the entire range of disc and tube diffusers with a choice of 1mm or 2mm perforations.   If you are interested in viewing the difference in performance between those products, please visit SSI CurveGen on the SSI Technology Portal  You can produce your own set of curves for any diffuser, depth and density.


These membranes are punched with 2mm slits

These membranes are punched with 2mm slits