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Lab Services for Aeration Systems

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: June 5th 2019

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Design Services

SSI offers several lab services for aeration systems. These include design services with an experienced engineering team.  2D and 3D drawings are available to those worldwide.  Full system designs include biological and mixing calculations.  In addition, process simulations and hydraulic studies are completed.  Furthermore, we consider environmental conditions to ensure a suitable system.  Heat calculations and buoyancy measurements ensure suitable conditions. At SSI, we also offer your own personal design tools located on our technology portal. This includes tools like the CurveGen, estimating software, WaterChat Bot, SOR & Airflow calculator, SpecGen, Alpha calculator, and more! In addition, our engineering team uses in-house calculators as well as Biowin.  We use these tools to simulate performance and check each system prior to presenting a proposal.


Lab Services

Lab services for aeration systems provided by SSI include in-house testing of SOTE, headloss, physical properties, pilot testing, bench marking, and forensic analysis.  Full scale oxygen transfer testing is available in accordance with ASCE-2006 and ATV-M209. In addition, we offer laboratory scale off gas testing and process water field testing services in accordance with ASCE-1996.  Furthermore, we evaluate physical properties with a microscope, melt and burn tests and even x-ray diffraction tests.

Membrane Tensile Tester


Field Services

SSI has a team of professional trained technicians traveling job-sites around the world.  Our team ensures installations runs smoothly from start to finish.  In addition, our staff trains technicians for proper start-up and operation remedying any issues that may arise in the process.  We can also provide lab services for aeration systems.


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