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Effluent Treatment (ETP) in Ethiopia

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) SSI has an aerator division, and a complete ETP division, specializing in fixed-film effluent treatment technology.  We are interested in expanding its effluent treatment plants business to […]

Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers – Single Mold

As the market for fine bubble disc diffusers has commoditized, many manufacturers of disc diffusers have changed priorities and focused on other areas of the wastewater treatment business. These […]

SSI’s dramatic expansion into the textile ETP sector with MBBR

A textile manufacturer such as garment factory, a blue jeans factory, a yarn factory and a textile factory requires an ETP that does not require a lot of space, […]

SSI’s success as a Fine Bubble Diffuser Partner in the US

Fine Bubble, Disc Diffuser, Tube Diffuser, Membrane Diffuser, Aeration System SSI has evolved among the leading names as a top Fine Bubble Diffuser manufacturer in the US. It has […]

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SSI’s growth as an effluent treatment plant (ETP) manufacturer in Bangladesh has been phenomenal.  SSI is among the top effluent treatment plant (ETP) suppliers in Bangladesh. The company provides […]

Aeration Specsmanship in the US Market

Please beware of specsmanship in the diffused aeration market. Ethical salesmen will help Consulting Engineers & End Clients improve specs for the client’s benefit, and not insert poisonous clauses […]

OEM Aeration Solutions – ECD/ECT + Software + Worldwide Support

Attention manufacturers of wastewater treatment equipment: Do you use aeration in your process? Do you sell a package of equipment to contractors or to treatment plants? SSI has the […]

Pros & Cons Of High Capacity Fine Bubble Diffusers

We classify wastewater aeration diffusers into two types – Fine Bubble and Coarse Bubble. Within Fine Bubble, there are needle-perforated panels, standard disc and tubes with ~1mm perforations, and […]

SSI Parts – Packing Weights and Dimensions

SSI fine and coarse bubble diffusers, saddles, and aeration system accessories are packaged in standard box and pallet sizes and quantities. Please refer to the charts below for metric […]

SSI Company Profile

Below please find a link to download the SSI company profile. Thank you for your interest. SSI Company Profile 2017 ASK AN EXPERTCALL US AT (845) 454-8171REQUEST A QUOTE

SSI Awarded Diffuser Differential Pressure Sensing Patent

Congratulations to SSI’s R & D team who have just been awarded a US patent on the use of a pressure sensor inside of a diffuser to digitally measure […]

SSI is heading to West Palm Beach!

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SSI is exhibiting at the Florida Water Resources Conference in West Palm Beach from April 22-26th 2017. If you are at the show make sure to stop by our […]

SSI Introduces Patented Channel-Pipe Tube Diffuser Feature – for low flux, SBR, and intermittent aeration

By placing a membrane over a scalloped pipe, rather than a plain round pipe, we create air channels, through which air can pass even at low flow rates. This […]

Jason Bowman Joins the SSI Team!

toms family

  SSI Aeration is pleased to announce the addition of Jason Bowman to our team as our Senior Manager for Process Systems. Jason brings to the team over a […]

SSI Grommets

SSI’s grommet is an economical and reliable product used to connect disc diffusers and coarse bubble diffusers like the SSI Relia-Ball® to header pipe. Material: Soft PVC (standard), Soft […]

Blowers for Aeration Systems

  SSI sells a variety of blower types that are applicable to aeration systems. Blower manufacturers provide us with Global OEM pricing which allows us to provide our customers with […]

Diffused Aeration System Maintenance

Aeration systems but specifically those with fine bubble diffusers may require routine but usually infrequent maintenance.   You should be monitoring the following: Air Volume (You can look at amp […]

Aquaculture Aeration Systems

SSI has provided disc and tube aeration systems to shrimp farms, carp farms, ocean based salmon cages, in fresh and salt water applications, and we have completed successful testing […]

Channel Velocity and Flow Boosters in Diffused Aeration Tanks

There are different kinds of mixers in aeration basins, and some create problems for the floor mounted piping system, and others do not. Horizontal Flow Boosters or Flow Makers […]

Aeration Bubble Pattern Image Analyzer

  Quite a lot, actually….            If you are having problems with your aeration basin, you want tips on how to deal with an abnormal […]

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