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Installation at SSI’s first Telemetry plant is underway in Ithaca, New York!

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: June 19th 2014

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Startup has begun at Ithaca, NY one of SSI’s newest installations. This installation features our 9” fine bubble disc diffuser with PTFE membrane and is the first plant to be installed with SSI’s new Telemetry system. The Telemetry portion of the aeration system will be installed this summer and we are very excited to have the plant up and running.

With the Telemetry we will be monitoring temperature, vibration, humidity, and velocity within the tank. Real-time information from the sensors installed within the piping system will be transmitted for the plant operators to access at any time on any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

With the Ithaca plant in our home state of New York we look forward to showcasing this plant to our guests in the future. Keep checking back for more updates on the installation in Ithaca!

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