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Industrial Wastewater Aeration Systems

SSI’s products and services find use in industrial wastewater aeration systems across the world. We have experience with pulp and paper, dairy, meat processing, tanneries, beverage, and other aggressive applications. SSI Aeration’s advanced technologies will stand up to your toughest waste.

Wastewater Treatment Innovation at SSI Aeration, Inc.

The team at SSI Aeration, Inc. prioritizes innovation and collaboration above all else. Employees in all departments work to improve SSI products’ lifespan, efficiency, and reliability every day. We also strive to offer industry-leading consulting and services that assist in system installation and maintenance. As a result, industrial clients benefit from the industry’s latest developments through a single provider.

Aeration Systems for Industrial Use in Multiple Plants

Wastewater aeration system products and services from SSI Aeration, Inc. include:

Industrial clients can request any combination of these products and services to receive the system enhancements they need.

Benefits of SSI’s Membrane Materials

Advanced membrane science from SSI Aeration, Inc. powers wastewater aeration treatment across the world. SSI Aeration, Inc. manufactures membranes in materials such as:

Membrane technology from SSI offers improved performance compared to competitors’ membranes.

Choose SSI for Industrial Wastewater Aeration Solutions

To learn more about SSI’s solutions for industrial clients, request a quote onlinemessage a sales representative or consult with an expert.

Digital Pressure (DPMS)

SSI Telemetry is state of the art monitoring equipment that gives you an eye on your system from anywhere with internet access

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Full System Design & Engineering

SSI Aeration offers comprehensive design services including biological and mixing calculations, process simulations, hydraulic studies, and much more

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Instant Estimating Software

SSI provides software that automates functions of diffused aeration system design, such as pricing, calculation, spec writing and drafting.

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How to Properly Manage Textile Wastewater With Efficiency in MBBR

Wastewater treatment plants in the textile industry must process large quantities of dyes and water. SSI can increase a textile plant's water treatment efficiency to comply with stringent regulations.

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Treating Wastewater in Food Processing-Challenges and Solutions

In the oil and gas industry, plants must process water containing harsh contaminants at high temperatures. Membranes and diffusers from SSI can withstand these conditions to provide industry-leading performance.

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SSI Diffusers for the Meat Processing Industry

Meat processing wastewater contains fats, oils and solids that can wear down typical diffuser equipment. Advanced membranes from SSI resist grease, resulting in an extended lifespan.

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Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment

Organic and inorganic materials can contaminate food processing wastewater, requiring membranes that stand up to a variety of compounds. SSI's materials offer simple maintenance and improved longevity in situations involving these components.

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