The Worldwide Choice of Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers

SSI Aeration’s Tube Diffuser and advanced membrane materials offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and fouling, in addition to the highest oxygen transfer with an acceptable headloss.

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What Our Customers Rave About:

  • Affordably priced for first use or retrofit
  • Industry standard size and shape, interchangeable with other systems
  • Variety of lengths, diameters and membranes in 21st century materials
  • Excellent fouling resistance thanks to PTFE-coated surface layers, fEPDM™, anti-static EPDM
  • Multiple integral check vales to keep your aeration piping system clean
  • Molded membranes with individual thermocouples in each cavity provide 100% quality control
  • 212F (100C) temperature resistance and environmentally friendly high temperature ABS body

Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world. our advanced systems have reliability built into every stage of performance.

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