The Worldwide Choice of Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers For Wastewater Aeration

SSI Aeration’s fine bubble disc diffusers combine engineering excellence, superior component quality, and technically advanced product design.

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What Our Customers Rave About:

  • Molded EPDM membranes offer tight wall thickness tolerances, a long and strong track record and exhibit even air distribution and minimal shrinkage over time
  • Patented PTFE membranes prolong efficiency. reduce plasticizer extraction, prevent membrane hardening, and limit dynamics changes.thereby reducing whole life costs.
  • Unique membranes resist the accumulation of the matter which
    avoids the blocking of the oxygen transfer and extends the time between cleaning cycles.
  • Complete product line including 9” and 12” disc diffusers, standard and economy lines – Create the system that fits your needs and budget
  • Grommet connection is easy to ship, move, and install on site. Affordable, tried and tested over 15 years

Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world. our advanced systems have reliability built into every stage of performance.

Do you need the reliability of engineering excellence and perfomance in your system?

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