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fEPDM Proven to Reduce Plasticizer Loss in Independent ARDL Test of SSI Fine Bubble Diffusers

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: May 5th 2009

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In a recent comparative test conducted by Akron Rubber Labs for SSI, calendared samples of standard EPDM, PTFE and fEPDM membranes were compared for plasticizer extraction in a hot acetone bath in accordance with ASTM standards.

The goal of this test is an accelerated method extract all available plasticizer from the material using a level of aggressiveness that would never be seen in actual use of the product.

fEPDM outperformed the other materials by approximately 30%, meaning the bath was able to extract 30% more plasticizer from the other materials than from the fEPDM diffuser membrane.

We suspect from these data that little to no plasticizer extraction will take place in SSI fEPDM fine bubble diffuser membranes over a very long period of time.

Furthermore it brings to mind more questions such as, if the fEPDM is so good at keeping plasticizer in, and from empirical data we know that it does an excellent job of reducing creep, how impervious is it to chemical and/or FOG attack?

We also look to substantiate claims of creep protection in due course with independent testing.

[tags]fepdm, ssi, fog, astm, ptfe[/tags]

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