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Containerized MBBR Systems from SSI

By: Doreen Tresca
Post Date: March 24th 2020

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SSI now has inhouse MBBR manufacturing, providing in-house process support through commissioning of STPS and ETPs. SSIs Packaged Plants utilize optimized SSI MBBR technology with SSI PTFE Aeration. The combination provides high efficiency treatment with low volatile effluent. SSI can customize the plant to fit your specific needs. Typical effluent values of 20/20 BOD/TSS are easily achieve in single, compact containerized solution. Due to low operating cost and low operator involvement, the SSI MBBR system is often a preferred replacement of extended aeration, SBR or MBR plants. Depending flow rate desired, the SSI packaged plant may incorporate all necessary STP/ETP steps, or may be provided as a standalone biological system.


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