Executive Team


  • Todd D. Ritter

    Todd D. Ritter

    Director (USA) todd@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Ritter co-founded SSI in 1995 with expertise in international markets and distribution of mechanical equipment. He is in charge of the financial well being of the Company…

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  • Tom Frankel

    Tom Frankel

    Director (USA) tom@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Frankel co-founded SSI in 1995 with experience in design and distribution of engineered systems. He is in charge of sales, marketing and operations in the company.

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  • Seoungil Kang

    Seoungil Kang

    Director (USA) si@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Kang was an early partner to SSI in Korea and joined SSI in America as a partner in 2000. Mr. Kang is in charge of R&D, Production, and Engineering.

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Regional Management

  • Roberto Amboldi

    Roberto Amboldi

    Regional Sales Manager (Europe) roberto@ssiaeration.com

    Based in Milano, Italy, Mr. Amboldi has more than a decade of international engineering and sales experience with aeration systems for municipal and industrial wastewater operations.

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  • SSI Aeration Peter-Zang

    Peter Zhang

    Regional Sales Manager (China) peter@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Zhang manages SSI’s operations in China including domestic sales and technical support. He brings to SSI more than 13 years of experience in wastewater treatment.

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  • Lina Chiaverini

    Lina Chiaverini

    Inside Sales and Latin America Manager (USA) lina@ssiaeration.com

    Mrs. Chiaverini began her career with SSI as an intern and returned after graduation. In the past 10 years she has headed SSI’s Customer Service Department…

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  • Noman Syed

    Noman Syed

    Co-Director, SSI Aeration (P) Ltd. noman@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Syed is experienced in all aspects of SSI Aeration system design and is an excellent communicator. His depth of experience and background in our engineering department…

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  • Tom SSI Aeration

    Tom Devine

    Regional Manager (North America) tom.devine@ssiaeration.com

    Tom has 20 years as a Sales/Application Engineer and is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz.

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Project Management

  • Kiran Banala

    Kiran Banala

    Engineering Manager (USA) Kiran@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Banala is an experienced Mechanical Engineer and Architect who relocated from our India office to our US headquarters. He has worked in the tool and die industry…

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  • SSI Aeration Nim

    Nim Kiran Kumar

    Co-Director, SSI Aeration (P) Ltd. nim@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Kumar is an experienced aeration system designer. He manages the engineering team in our Indian office, recruiting and training new employees.

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Customer Service and Support

  • Doreen Tresca

    Doreen Tresca

    Marketing and Customer Service doreen@ssiaeration.com

    Mrs. Tresca is in charge of SSI’s Customer Service and Expediting department. She is organized and easy to work with, and believes in putting “customers first.”

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  • Wanjie Li

    Wanjie Li

    Sales Coordinator wanjie@ssiaeration.com

    Mr. Li oversees SSI’s Inventory and works closely with SSI Korea in procuring equipment for SSI USA inventory and projects. He has strong software skills and prepares a wide…

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