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Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: May 13th 2019

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Oil Refinery, Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Diffuser, Reliaball, PTFE membrane, Water Reclamation

Crude oil refineries generate a lot of wastewater.  The average refinery uses 2.5 gallons of water for every gallon of oil processed.  This means 8-10 MGD of dirty wastewater which does not include storm water and sanitary sewer water.  This is upwards of $100,000 per day in water expenditures.  In addition, contaminants in the wastewater include petroleum hydrocarbons, ammonia, and organic sulfur. Wastewater also tends to be hotter than traditional wastewater plants.

To aid in the reduction of this cost, SSI offers the solution in reclamation, reuse, and higher operating efficiency of wastewater.  Due to the high percentage of these contaminants and heat, PTFE coated membranes are highly recommended for use in an activated sludge system.  Therefore, use of PTFE in both fine bubble disc aeration, and coarse bubble aeration with our patented Reliball diffusers reduces the fouling and creep rate of the EPDM membrane making for long-term use in wastewater treatment.

Activated sludge is when the aerobic biological growth are continuously suspended in wastewater.  The organic contaminant is then converted into biomass for separation in a clarifier. This takes place at a later stage in the treatment process.


Please see below PTFE examples:

coarse bubble diffuser

pod disc diffuser