Field Services

SSI Aeration provides installation and startup services to ensure correct installation and worry-free performance over the longest period possible.

System Installation

SSI Aeration can provide a crew of installers experienced with our systems to professionally install your aeration system. All of our installers carry necessary liability insurance and OSHA certificates and provide their own equipment.

For further information and to see some pictures of diffuser installation process, please follow this link:



Startup & Commissioning

SSI Aeration is capable of providing startup and commissioning services for your plant around the globe. Our technicians will inspect your aeration system and are also available for troubleshooting or necessary repair work.

We offer experienced staff for commissioning and training services:


Staff Training

SSI Aeration offers staff training to our representatives as well as plant operators. We can help your team develop the knowledge to fully understand how and when to clean your system and what cleaning methods are best suited for your site.


Owner Training, Al Ansab, Oman WWTP

Operator Training, Al Ansab, Oman WWTP